Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's Raining again....

Well, I had plans to get things done outside today. But the rain hit here sooner than they had predicted yesterday when I made my plans. So now I sit here thinking I just might have to get in the attic and get down one of my Christmas trees and decorate it for my little grand daughter to enjoy since I am going to start having her daily when her mom goes back to work. I figure it gives me reason to put one of my trees up early. I love the holidays and I like to start early and enjoy the decorations throughout the house for longer periods of time. So rain has given me that reason. lol
My kitty cat is happy that I am stuck inside today, she's sitting here between my arms watching me type this and gets a pet now and then, so at least something is happy about today.
Cousin and her hubby are waking up and so we will get to visit again. At least all isn't lost on this dreary day.

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