Monday, September 7, 2009

A Good Day

Today, Steve and I went up to the farm. I worked in my garden first, picked green beans and tomatoes. Wow, I hadn't been to collect tomaotes in over a week, so today I got a lot of them, considering I only have 5 plants. So I made tomato juice when I got home, ended up with 14 pints. So that should help out on grocery bill this winter, not having to buy so much for making chili and soup.
After I got my gardening done, I cut down some of the weeds which just keep growing. lol Some of them are taller than I am, which doesn't take too much, but I can't get to them. They will just have to die out in the winter. Then I hopped on the W-6 and took myself for a ride around, while Steve was shredding. The corn looks real good this year. We sure are happy about that. The weather has cooperated, could have used more warmer weather, but we sure can't complain with it being our first year solo farming. I often talk with my father and mother in law, God rest their souls, they are gone, but in my heart they still are with us. They had never put a garden in this part of their farm, so this year was the first one. I am happy to say, it grew real well.
After my little ride around on the W-6, Steve was done with the road banks and told me to hop on with him while he headed back to the water ways of the field to shred back there. So up I went, sat on the fender, rode around til my bony butt couldn't sit there any longer. lol I finally told him to let me off and I would walk back to garden, he said he was almost done, but I told him I couldn't sit on the hard fender any longer. I told him I was going to make myself a soft pad to put on that fender for my next ride. He laughed and said his butt didn't hurt. Well, NO he had the nice comfy seat. So I enjoyed the walk back to garden area. I washed the W-6 while I waited for him to get done. I only had 2 gallons of water with me, but the birds had roosted above it while parked under a willow tree, and I was able to at least get the bird dung off it. I also got the big table loaded onto the trailer to take home for using to lay all the small parts of the C on to paint them.
We have to have water run, and electric hooked up to our part of our place. So still very primitive back there for us. But I don't mind carrying TP and used walmart bags and squatting. Heck, I grew up with an outhouse for toilet and bathed in wash tubs when I was younger. But that was many moons ago.
I have a whole list of things to do this week. A very busy one which I welcome to pass the time. Til next time, God Bless.

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