Wednesday, September 16, 2009

God Blessed My Roses

This is picture of one of my rose bushes I have planted here at my house. I am waiting for the red one to fully bloom also. It has been later than this one. This one stands 5 foot tall. It has bloomed all summer non stop. This particular bloom had all 5 flowers together. I have so enjoyed my flower bed this year. I have honey bees galore, and butterflies too.
At the farm I planted some sunflowers and marigolds in the garden, and they too grew tall and flowered well. Marigolds got 4 foot tall, and sunflowers got about 8 foot tall. So far the sunflowers have peaked and are starting to die off. While all the others are still going strong.
With fall fast approaching, I will miss the blooms. But what was with all the spiders this year? We have had spiders, huge ones at that. Webs are thick and heavy. Then there are our nest of hornets in our tree above our shed. I noticed in our little shed we have a nest of wasps too, and a mud dobbers nest as well. I guess the bees think our home was safe to live at this year. Will have to google bees and find out what draws them and maybe not have those next year. lol I think winter will be interesting for 09/10.

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