Monday, September 28, 2009


It got cool around here. The winds today kicked up so high, I had to go out and tie down the tarp/canopy, for it was trying to fly away.
I went with Melanie today to look for vehicle, she needs one before she goes to work on Monday. She found a F-150 she liked real well. Test drove it, and she feel in love with it. So I haggled til we got it for what I thought was a fair price. I really hope the truck is a good one for her. I think Dave will like it as well. I for one, thought of the safety factor of it vs a small car, etc. for transporting a baby for the next few years. Steve looked it over too, and thought it was good for the money.
I got home and Leslie had made cookies and apple crisp. She can be a very good cook when she wants to be. lol Wish she would get in the mood more often.
I then headed up to the farm to get the last of my produce. With the rain which hit here on Saturday, it foiled our plans to work up there. Steve fixed the shredder, and I pulled out back and loaded up some firewood into back of my truck to bring home for these cool evenings. When we got home, I started supper and Steve worked on newest lawn mower, and drove it over to Dave and Melanie's for Dave's mower has bearings out of mower deck spindle.
After supper, Steve and I hit the sack early for a change. I have much to do tomorrow so better get back to that bed and rest up.

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