Sunday, September 20, 2009

Steve and I took a trip yesterday to Paducah KY. The 3rd weekend of Sept., they have an Antique Gas and Steam Engine Show every year. We have made the trip off and on now for years. It has turned into our mini vacation, when we stay there for whole weekend. But this trip was just an early start and late getting back home trip. Besides watching the antique tractors pull and lawn mower pull, we get a chance to browse a number of vendors in the flea market infield too. Steve calls the tractor parts, bargains, and I call the numerous little items I find, steals.
It's funny, I am not a yard sale person. I won't waste my time going to them or having them. But put me in an area which their displays are lined up one after another on the infield of a fair grounds and I absolutely love looking through all the junk people don't want any longer. There have been many times we have gone and not found anything we were interested in buying, but today we found quite an array of things we liked and brought home.
We got there and I found several items right away which were good buys, and I purchased them. Steve made the trek to the truck, so we didn't have to carry them around. By the time he returned to find me with more things I had purchased, and again made the trek to the truck. By the 4th trek to the truck, he told me I could make the next trip. But it ended up that the next items I purchased we were able to sling on our shoulders and carry them to the bleachers to wait another truck trip.
We enjoyed the tractor pull, seeing tractors in which we don't participate against pull. Then there are those who are strangers and just strike up conversations with, which we enjoy also. As we walked around looking at the display of tractors lined up for show, we come upon a little C which we stood and admired, for that is what ours will look like when it is done. We talked of how this part went this way and I said several times, that's what that thing is that I painted. There were a few parts I asked Steve why ours didn't have, and he said it did, I said I hadn't cleaned it up and painted it yet. He said we'd have to find it for he had taken it off. Since Steve and Dave took it all apart, I am not sure what what is. It has a lot of parts which our M's and H and W-6 don't have, so I can't go look at them for reference. So I took out my camera and started taking some pictures of the various parts, and there are people all around looking at tractors, when these 2 guys stood beside another tractor and were talking. As I snapped away, I noticed out the corner of my eye, they were also talking about the C. So when I was done, I inched over toward them and told them I was restoring one at home and was borrowing this tractor as pattern and future reference to putting it back together. The younger guy said it was his tractor. I made sure it was OK that I had taken pics. He said yes. Then we stood talking with those two for quite some time. Turns out they are looking for mag repair, and it just so happens when we went to Greenville pull, we found an awesome guy who repairs them. Steve gave the guy a business card so he could get this fixed.
So, today also marked my truck turning over 100,000 miles. This truck of mine has been one of just a few we have had which are rare items to own, for it has been very sturdy and reliable. I am hoping that in years to come, I will be able to post about the next turn over it does and that it's still going strong. Steve's truck is another treasure. So I didn't want to leave it out. His has turned over 3 times now, but this motor is on it's 2 one. We take pride in taking care of our vehicles. As well as the tractors, we love our trucks. Thank you FORD for making great trucks.

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