Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Just wondering why would hornets build in our tree here in town. We live in a small town which is surrounded by country. At least 12 miles to the nearest towns surrounding us. So why would hornets decide this year to build in town a quarter mile in? This is the first year in almost 30 of living here, that we have encountered this. The nest is huge, and they seem to be adding to it. It is getting bigger. And it is very high up. Steve and I was working on the C and he stood there looking up in the tree above our tractor shed, and the hornets were busy going and coming to the hive. I had worked out there off and on all day, painting and sanding, I had watched for them in case I bothered them, but none visited me all day long.
I asked Steve how we were going to get them down and get rid of them. He said we have to wait til like the real cold part of winter and then we will have to lift someone up in the loader of the 50-M and spray it with hornet spray, then that person will have to use the limb trimmer we have to cut down the hive.
I guess if we go by the new Farmers Almanac, then we are in for a cold and hard winter. If this is also a sign, then they moved to town to get out of the cold this winter. As I love the winter time and the snow, I look forward to it. Not the heating bills, but the "not sweating" weather is welcome here. I guess I will never retire to FL, or any southern states. Just couldn't do the heat. I think I could be happy in Alaska, or maybe not, for I like the sunshine too.
So when we get that thing down I don't know what will move in next year, but I am sure there will be something, like the squirrels which eat my tomatoes, and the rabbits which eat my flower plants when I put them in in the spring. Then there are also all the birds which like to doo doo on my truck and the tractors.
Hurry winter so we can get rid of these hornets. I really don't like them out there, and next summer our little grand daughter Kiley will be playing in the yard, and I don't want her stung by those things. So goes the saying, "don't stir up a hornets nest".

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