Friday, September 4, 2009


Where to begin? I'm Laura, married to Steve. We have 2 beautiful girls, Leslie and Melanie. Melanie is married to Dave, and have a little girl Kiley. We are a small family, used to be from large ones, but you know how life is, some families grow green eyed monsters, and our did. Jealousy is so unbecoming of humans. We tend to laugh at animals when they vie for attention, but in humans it turns ugly and really breaks the heart of those who are true. Sad to have to say, Steve and I have experienced it in both our families.
We will be married 30 years come March 14. Hard to believe when your having this much fun, life speeds up so fast.
Steve and I both grew up on farms. We are both from small farming communities, we were only 20 miles apart really. Met and married in the county we have lived in all these years. Our girls have only known one home. In the next couple years we plan to sell this house and move to our "retirement" home, as I like to call it.
August 21st we become grandparents, our first one, and we love it. It sure gives a new meaning to parenthood, when we watch our own go through the process of having a child. For me, I couldn't take the pain away for my daughter and she had mercy on mom and let us wait in the waiting room. Her sister and husband stayed for the event. Leslie was/is so impressed with her new little niece, and Dave couldn't be a prouder Daddy. As for Grandpa, I don't think this little girl will ever hear him say "No". For me, Grandma, I have to say, if dying is like the flashbacks from my own life experience having and raising my own girls, then dying won't be bad at all. So many memories and the flood of feelings, well, it's really indescribable. All wonderous and glorious and just love blooming all over.
Steve and I are avid Antique Tractor pullers and IH collectors. We love to find old broken down, rusted, missing parts, partly there antiques and refurbishing them to look like new again. Our passion for the International line of letter series tractors. Our collection so far is 1939-M, 1950-M, 1942-H, 1942-W6, 1948-C and Steve's fathers old Farmall-706 and IH-966. The first 4 are completely restored and we pull with them, as well as use them on our little farm. We are in the process of restoring the C now. It's all disassembled and parts are primered, the rest is getting ground down and sanded so we can finish primering it and then I can apply the "red" paint. That's always the proud moment, after it is painted and we can stand back and look at all those hours and know they were not wasted. Of course it also has the benefit of Steve and I getting to spend time together doing things we love, and working together on these projects are things we love to do.
So til the next time....God Bless

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  1. Stopping by from CafeMom to say Hi and Congratulations on your first Grand-daughter.

    Antique Tractor Pullers, sounds like great fun.

    Have a great day!


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