Friday, September 11, 2009

I Remember

Today, Sept. 11, 2009. the memories of this day in 2001, still are vivid within my memory. My girls were babysitting for a co-worked of mine, so the TV was going with a movie for the little ones. I was getting ready for work and giving the girls instructions on watching the kids. We were all laughing and going about our start to the day like every other.
Off to work I went...
I arrived at work to co-workers asking if I had seen it happen. I didn't know what they were talking about, and they told me what customers had been in to tell them. I immediately went home and grabbed a radio, and headed back. Turned it on and we all listened to the continuing news coverage. We all had our hearts torn out at the time, for we couldn't even imagine the horror those people in the area there were going through. Each time we went outside, our eyes immediately went to the skies. The media had put fear into the whole USA. We were all on guard and wondering what we would do if something transpired around here, in the middle of the USA. Living just 15 miles from a major refinery, and 40 miles from St. Louis, the news had said these areas were being watched for similar attacks.
There was fear in me for the "in case" something like this would happen. In the end, I realized, we were helpless. We, "civilians" are in fact at the mercy of the Armed Forces to protect us in an event as this one. After the attack, for we live in an area not inhabited by people of other nationalities and race other than white and black, we became "on the look out" for foreigners. The news had started flashing pictures of "maybe responsible" attackers, and the mental imagine this set forth in our heads, pointed us toward faces we were on the lookout for being the bad people.
As the days went on and the lack of airplanes in the air, we are just across the river from Lambert Airport of St. Louis, we continued to watch the sky and our fear lessened as the days went by. But we still were watching people of other countries where ever we went. Even today, like every one since Sept.11,2001, we are brought back to this day, when encountering foreigners. Even though the good people of all races outnumber the bad, this sterotyping makes me realize why as a nation, people tend to remember the bad those have done, before the good most can do. Will people ever get over this "lableling" of the human race? The future will only tell....
So on this day in this year 2009, I pray the families who lost loved ones in those attacks will feel peace and joy from God's arms as they continue on in life, always with memories which will never die. May we never have the fear return in our country, we felt that day in 2001.

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