Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Auctions

Steve and I went to an auction today.  We have tires there on consignment sale,  and they at least sold,  so we don't have to haul them back to farm. 

It was so cold out there too.  As we walked around,  you couldn't hardly recognize most people unless they stopped us,  for they were dressed in layers and hoods and hats.  Most weren't able to move too fast for the coveralls and coats,  but we did talk to everyone.  We visited more than looked.  But for us,  it wasn't the hunt this time for anything special,  so I don't think we missed anything. 

Ran into one of my Mom's brothers,  Uncle Bob and his son.  We caught up with what was what and how everyone was doing in the family.  That was nice and glad to hear all is well. 

Then another friend/nephews father in law,  and he said he had fell off a grain wagon and torn his akelis (spelling?) tendon.  The big one up the leg from your heel.  There.  Anyway,  he said he now has to have surgery to repair the tear.  I wished him well,  and pray they are able to fix it for him.  He would be lost this year if he had to miss the Alaska trip they take every summer.  He loves his fishing trip. 

Anyway,  we left there and headed to SD's to fix the interior wiring and head liner on one of his tractors for him.  Then on into town,  stopped at DQ for some lunch,  then on to SD's other farm just outside of our town to put horn button on our grain truck.  All those types of things have to work when they test the truck for road use.  Steve was inside putting it on the steering wheel and when he connected the wiring,  the horn would blow.  So me sitting in my truck waiting for him to get done,  honked my horn back at him.  He just shakes his head at me and smiles.  That completed,  we headed on home taking the back roads for scenery route.  We may go cut some wood and bring it home to split,  not sure yet.  We are warming up first.  Temp is 30* out,  but at least the sun is shining and I got my Vit. C from it this morning while huddled in my layers of coats and clothes. 


  1. I love a good farm auction, or estate sale, but do not need anything bad enough to wander around for a few hours in the cold waiting for it to come up. And then probably be outbid, I am so cheap!

  2. Laura, I think we went just to visit with everyone. Steve spent more time talking than looking. I huddled beside or in front or back of him using him as a wind break.


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