Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Blubberings

Thank you Steve,  you've given me something to think about all day.
He just informed me today is Friday.  Guess I had 2 Thursday's this week,  or maybe it was 2 Wednesday's?

Early morning again here at our house.  Gotta start truck extra early to let it get warmed up before he leaves for work.  8* degrees again,  wind is still blowing but suppose to calm later and then pick up again this evening. 
Snow drifting over cleaned roads,  the country roads haven't even been touched,  for they are fighting the highway drifts.  So,  Steve made his own path home last  night.  Schools are closed again today due to weather. 

I received the next 4 days of the 2010 Challenge,  so have some reading and assessing to do this weekend.  The author hits so many short-comings for himself which I can relate to in my own life.  Living life for God is a challenge for everyone everyday with the world we live in being so tempting.  So this challenge brings to light why we must daily thank God for loving us with our simple sins as well as our major sins, of which we have many.  God Bless

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