Saturday, January 9, 2010

1829 - House deeded into Home.

Oh yes,  my summer is within me.  Today, I even plotted out on paper some of my ideas for landscaping and gardening.  Dreams are free and life would be dull without them.  Without dreams where would our future be today. 

I let Steve have a relaxing day,  he seems to limp less.  But for some reason,  while sleeping just moments ago,  he elbowed my sore thumb for touching it when he moved his arm in bed.  He thought I was the cat,  for she likes to sleep with us,  and he don't want her near him.  She usually sleeps behind me,  with me in middle,  and evidently he thought she was there.  I am up now.  I think I will take back my thank you to him the other day for this trick tonight. 

With this cold spell,  our furnace has run non stop.  The house is feeling it,  my humidifier isn't putting out enough moisture,  so I will dig deep into the freezer today and find something to boil for hours on the stove for supper,  putting much needed moisture into the air and house itself.  Nice pot of beef and homemade noodles sounds good to me. 

My accomplishments today included baking a cherry chip cake and frosting it with cream cheese frosting with cherry flavor,  yummy.  I did venture out today,  I picked up the deed and abstract of our house.  Our bank moved to new location in November,  and they hadn't moved all files with them,  so they had to locate it and call us when it was ready to pick up since we paid it off December 23,  2009.  Looking through it today,  the first recorded record states the United States to Lindsay H. English,  dated August 28,  1829.  Wow,  our home is older than I thought it was by about 30 years. 
Interesting to see what the cost of it was over the years.  At one time it sold for $75.00. 
Wonder back then how long it took to pay that amount off? 

So sitting here in my antique home amoung my antiques and me being an antique myself,  I should put myself back into my antique bed and rest these antique eyes and body.  Today I did feel old,  but I did have a Red day like promised myself I would. 


  1. With the name of the original owner you'll have another clue in your research for history on the house! My son woke up twice in the night, and Tony came home a couple of hours after I fell asleep, so it was a long broken up night!

  2. I was just thinking today that my house is a treasure trove. So many people wanting to declutter and toss out at this time of year, but I like my very old house and a lot of my old stuff.
    We are doing research on our land as well and have been fortunate to find some old maps online.


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