Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Whacky Monday

Reminder:  Go to bed and lay on left side,  DO NOT lay on right side......

Yesterday,  the weather warmed up to a whole 28* by 8:30 when I started wondering "what to do today."  So in the mist of the heat wave,  I wanted to try out the sander Steve bought me for Christmas.  0* to 8* doesn't bring much chance in using it sooner.  Oh,  well let me tell you though,  I did try it out in the kitchen,  but I didn't like the cleaning up of the saw dust.  Yes,  I did really start sanding some peices on my counter top.  Let's just say,  my microwave is black,  when I got done with some playing around,  it had turned a light gray color.   So I had to then clean up my mess.  So outside it went to be used.  I don't use patterns,  I look at something and form the image in my head ,  draw out on paper what I see,  and measure,  cut and put together.  So my project was to make a sort of tote carry all,  with dowel rod handle,  for putting my napkins in on my kitchen table.  It can be used for anything really,  craft item storage/display,  jars of spices on counter top,  I even thought about putting my clothes pins in it.  Maybe that will come when spring hits and I am able to hang clothes out.  
Anyway,  I put my coat on and headed to the shed,  cleaned off work bench (Steve's mess still there from overhauling his lawn mower motor),  positioned my saws,  and cut my peices using some scraps of 1/4" plywood I had stashed under bench for crafts.  Rummaged around in pantry cabinet in kitchen for extra dowel rod from makiing rocking chair for Kiley,  and commenced cutting out my peices for the tote.  

Then I headed to sander.  Let me just say it was so fun using it and made the sanding part of woodworking so much easier.  
Thank You Steve for this Christmas present.  

Notice, this is in the house on the kitchen counter where I first tried it out,  making my mess.  LOL  Good thing counter tops are pretty indestructive,  I do many many odd things on them.  
Anyway,  I am at the painting stage of my craft,  and now I know why dedicated craft makers cut many projects out at one time,  then they start painting them.  One thing at a time is so painstakingly slow progress.  Paint,  let dry, paint, let dry,  surf the net,  paint some more.  Eeerrr.

I hope to finish my painting sometime soon,  but in the mean time,  I am invisioning another project to sketch out and proceed on.  I can't wait to go cut some more wood and get my chunks of walnut to work with also.  So that was another day in my whacky Laura's world..............

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