Friday, January 15, 2010

Thoughts of Yesterday

January makes a walk in the woods ideal.  No bother of bugs,  no snakes to scare up and scare me,  watching the squirrels play in the trees,  looking down at the snow which is left with all types of little animal tracks.  Trying to identify the tracks are some of the little things the walk has in store.  Following deer tracks,  stumbling upon the den they slept in last night.  Maybe if lucky,  I might see some deer lingering off in the field digging up some ear corn left from harvesting. 

The quiet of the trees echoing the wind as it gently flows through the limbs.  The peace and quiet,  opening the mind for thoughts to flow,  from memories of yesterday,  to the plans of the future.  Nothing to distract the feeling of being free of worry,  troubles,  and leaving cabin fever of winter behind for a few hours. 

I can remember many such walks growing up.  The place we lived had an abudance of woods.  With 6 of us kids,  we could venture out all in different directions and not cross paths for hours.  Most walks we paired up.  Usually one of us was more daring than the other,  for crossing a fallen tree over the creek,  to treking up the steep hill in snow drifts,  just to see who could make it and how far the other would walk along the banks to find an easier crossing or path up the hill. 

Today was just a trip down memory lane,  in the anticipation of our trip into the woods tomorrow.  I am so looking forward to it.  Even though it is to work.....

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  1. I love a midnight walk in the snow with a full moon! Glad you enjoyed your snow filled walk!


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