Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday 2/1

Today Kiley and I jammed at her lunch time.  I put in CD of Beachboys and she had her little feet kicking.  She knows good music already. 

This morning first thing I ran the vac thru the house,  mud got tracked in over the weekend,  and before I noticed it,  everyone had already been all thru the house,  so I just let it go. 

After Kiley had lunch,  we went to bank,  got the errands run and when we got back she was rubbing her little eyes.  I put her in my bed and she slept for an hour.  Then she played on living room floor.  I took some pictures of her sitting there eating her toys.  She and Aunt Leslie watched some TV while I went out to shed to dig out the board for my shelf. 

Dave just picked Kiley up,  his early day off,  so now I am headed out to work on my shelf to hang Steve's parents Anniverary Quilt on.  My saws await me.....

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