Friday, January 29, 2010

Dust bunnies beware: Pay up or leave.

It is a good morning here.  Even tho I didn't sleep much, I still feel energized today.  I accomplished quite a bit of cleaning yesterday,  and my living room should be labeled "dust free"  after the time I spent in there moving things and cleaning them.  If only there was a way to collect rent or tax from dust bunnies,  we could be rich.  How long will it last,  probably 2 days with this old house.  But for today,  I know it's done and I can tear into another room and work some in it.  Won't get much done,  must computer catch-up,  for Kiley will be here in a few minutes and my day will be spent entertaining her. 

Kids come over last night and they got their taxes filed.  Melanie and Dave have to file amended after the 18th,  for they sent them before they had Dave's unemployment W-2.  They get more money back so that's a plus.  Leslie gets everything she paid in back.  Steve and I are going thru reciepts and labeling what went on what.  Some were labeled when I put them in file,  others sort of went in not labeled.  Must have been some of the busy times we had.  Or else just my lack of discipline in keeping up with what should have been done in the first place.  So, my bad.  

For anyone having calves born in the next couple months out in the pasture.  Here's a tip to warm them up right after they are born.  This tip is compliments of SF magazine's - All around the farm"  collection book.  Take 4 to 5 milk jugs,  fill with hot water,  place around calf on ground and cover calf with blanket.  Hey,  this might even work for humans if they get cold working outside,  if they have access to hot water.  Little survial tip just in case.  

Well, off I go to get some things done again today.  Headed to catch some more dust bunnies and turn them loose outside to go to the neighbors instead of my house. 

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