Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wanted: Yarn Roller and Bark Stripper

Today I spent some time getting my yarn rolled into balls.  Didn't get it all done,  but some and it's waiting in my take along bag for when we go on trips, or I just want to carry it thru the house.  I wondered while rolling it,  why doesn't the yarn company just roll it into balls when they produce and package it instead of the loose skeins they sell.  It would be so much easier to start on projects than having to ball it before starting.  I have used it as skein,  but then I forget to watch how I pull it out and I have a knot and have to cut it out.  I know I should watch what I am doing,  but I just work some and put it down,  then work some more and forget to watch it.  So instead I roll it before beginning.  Just a lot of work when the factory could have it ready. 

Also I started stripping the bark off some of the wood pieces I am going to use to make an outside table for my porch.  I spend much time out there and want something that looks like nature.  So I am going to use some medium size branches to make the legs out of.  I thought the bark would just like fall off.  Oh no,  I had to get a knife,  and then I have 2 puncture wounds to my left hand as the knife slipped several times,  but only connected the 2 times.  One to the little finger top by nail the other to side on thumb.  Not bad,  just a little blood.  I got the bark off them,  now I am using wire brush to buff the grit off the wood.  It has little bug runs on the wood so it will give the finished piece some design.  I need to get my shelf for quilt started,  but it's too cold out to work in shed.  This little table I am making,  I can work on it on the kitchen table.  So with newspaper spread out,  I have bark,  wood shavings,  and my sticks sitting out. 

Steve got home and he laughed at my mess,  and I told him I am just playing around to see how something ends up looking from my vision only I can see now. 

So he worked outside when he got home.  He got the hydraulic hose for the log splitter put on,  and cut some wood and split it and brought it in.  I have used almost all the wood we had cut.  But he sure likes the added warmth of the house when he gets home at night.  While I was fixing supper,  my nephew and a friend of his stopped to pick Leslie up.  They were all heading to play pool and then the ones not in the tournament will watch.  So run out and talked with him a minute.  Supper got done,  we ate,  dishes are done,  now I am ready for my book and laying on the bed for a while.  Wish I could weld a knife with the left hand and control it.  Would feel so much better than the pain tonight. 


  1. Yeah, why doesn't the factory sell it in a ball? For your wood chores, get a goat! They keep chewing on the shelter we made for them, and they've stripped the bark off several small trees out there.

  2. I'd like to recommend you boil the bark off, but not really sure how that works. I have never tried it.

  3. Lori uses a drawknife for bark stripping... Contact us at Dunwurkin if you need one.

    A tip for the balls of yarn... drop them in a coffee can, poke a hole in the lid for the string yo come out, and you no longer have to worry about the ball escaping... Since we have critters that LOVE to play with yarn, this has been a great help! LOL


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