Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cold out, fire going, reading material, Shopping

8*  Might as well keep track of temp.,  may be a need to know later on. 
Our wood pile is dwindling fast,  as I keep the fireplace going around the clock to help the furnace.  It's running non stop with the cold spell.  The sun was shining here today,  I took advantage of it to open blinds and let it in also.   I was outside several times today,  just standing in the sun,  looking at the trees as they stand bare and cold.  Snow is moving in for my area come Wednesday night into Thursday morning.  2 to 4" expected.   Looking forward to watching it as well. 
Surfing the web today,  I ran across a site I haven't encountered before.  It's a recipe site,  Recipezaar.  I found it a different one,  for it gives recipes for things like coffee creamer,  which I may try for I use creamer in my coffee,  so it might be cheaper and better flavor if I make it myself.  Will make note later if it is worth it,  flavor wise. 
We didn't get to Sears Sunday to pick up my sander,  Steve just wasn't up to walking around with his bonked leg.  It does seem to be better today,  but climbing up and down on the combine he is working on,  he said that was a b**** today.  Leslie and I are making the trip in the morning to see if it's in.  It's too cold out to work with the logs I have laying by porch to carve around on with my little chainsaw.  I do wish for some above freezing weather soon so I can play outside.  May have to visit some of the other stores while I am there,  especially the book store as I am almost out of stash to read.  I am on the last book and I do need my nightly reading material.  lol 
I wonder if joining a book club/swap would be beneficial for me.  I don't know of any local,  but may check closer to see if maybe the library knows of any.  Could save me quite a chunk of change.  I have to confess,  I have a library of my own with the years of books I have purchased.  One day,  I will have the shelving to have them at fingers reach whenever I want,  but for now,  most are in my closet and attic in boxes.  I have read many more than once,  and favorites more than that.  My favorite books are by authors who can transport me to another era,  country,  state,  or make me feel like the character.  In my traveling dreams,  I think I would like someday to travel to Ireland,  just for the country side viewing,  it looks so beautiful in words.  I love to watch the movie "The Quiet Man"  with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara just to see the country.  "Gone With the Wind"  sequel is another,  "Scarlet",  it too is set a lot in Ireland.  Wish I new the family lineage,  I may have Irish blood. 
So for now, I am off to the fireside and my book for a while,  it's not Ireland,  but it's a mystery and they are about to figure out "who done it".  I think I know already,  but I have been wrong before......

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