Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another ramble about my day.

This was Steve and I today.  We just hung out together.  Made the trip to grocery store for supplies for our bellies.  Wow was it ever cold out there today.  The wind was cutting right thru the clothes.  Poor Steve is still hobbling from the wood splitting incident the other day.  So his treck to the doors was longer than my sprint.  I hurried my behind into the warmth,  or I thought warm, inside.  But truthfully,  the darn store was cold in there.  As we went about our treasure hunting,  we encountered many shoppers with their gloves on.  Wish I had worn mine in,  I too would have pushed my cart with them on,  those handles were ice cold. 

We also picked up the latest "Marine 2" movie.  So this evening before supper Steve asked me to watch it with him.  I made it in to the last half,  for I fixed supper and did the dishes before settling down on the love seat.  I sat very near the fireplace with the flames roaring.  Which made for movie watching relaxing and very enjoyable. 

So today is the second day of the new year,  and I haven't hear yet from Sears if my sander is in yet or not.  I think tomorrow we will make a trip down and see if they have just forgotten that it's paid for and no one called.  I hope it's there,  I am ready to test it out on some wood and see how well it works opposed to the hand held ones I have.  Your sure to know if it comes in...

Kids called tonight,  their little border collie Jade,  she was outside running around in snow,  and somehow,  yanked off one of her toe nails.  Dave run her out to vets office,  but it was closed.  So we told him to put some gun grease on the nail and wrap it to stop the bleeding.  That is what we did in the old days on the farm when an animal got hurt.  Guess it worked,  they didn't call back with any more hints on what to do.  Dave said he would keep eye on it.  She's his dog,  and she also takes good care of me when she's around here.  She's a sweet dog,  I call her my grandpuppy. 

Picked up some new ideas for some wood projects surfing around on the web this morning.  Found a rocking horse I just might have to make for the Grand daughter.  And, some more ideas for shelving and mounting them to wall.  Looks like my winter can be filled with sawdust if I keep this up....

I do have some sewing to catch up on,  and I want to whip up a couple more bonnets and dresses for Kiley.  I also have an afhagan started for Steve,  a lap blanket,  big IH design.  Need to pull it out and get it finished.  I put it away when I decided to make the one for Kiley for Christmas.  Got it done,  and went to work on the rocking chair.  Some times,  I get too many irons in the fire and have to re-group and finish those un-finished things. 

Well,  laundry is done,  house got vac'd,  dishes done,  groceries bought and put away,  fire blazing,  and now my blog is done,  so I am calling it a night,  and heading to the bedroom with my kitty and book..............

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