Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Wednesday

Little Kiley is spending the night.  She zonked out after her bath last night on PaPa. 

Spent the day painting on my tote box.  During the spells when I had to wait for paint to dry,  I cleaned the house.  Used the new lavendar scent Lysol,  so house smells lavendar-y.   Melanie and Dave come over for supper,  made Lasagna and garlic french bread.  Steve got home from work while I was cooking supper,  and found I had brought the last of the wood in from porch.  I heated the whole house today with the fireplace,  the sun helping as it shined bright all day.  The furnace needed the rest after the last 2 weeks of non stop running.  So he and Dave went up to the farm to get some more out of the trailer we have of cut wood.  Well,  the phone rang about half hour after they left,  I am assembling the Lasagna to go into the oven.  They are stuck and we need to bring tow strap and Melanie's 4x4 to come pull them out.  So we start truck to warm up for Kiley,  Leslie headed out to get chains and strap to put in Mel's truck,  Melanie gets Kiley ready to go,  and I slap the Lasagna together,  put it in oven at 250* and we head up there.  We get about 5 minutes out of town,  Mel's cell rings.  The guy's managed to get out of ditch,  Dave got out and pushed,  while Steve kept rocking back and forth,  but they finally made it out.  So we turned around and come back home.  Girls laughed that we had a nice little ride anyway. 
Kids stayed and watched the Marine 2 with Steve.  I cleaned out fridge and fed the grand puppies the left overs.  Did up the dishes,  and then tried to sit down to some computer time.  But,  didn't get very far,  for Kiley had to have a bath,  and jammies,  bottle and Grandpa.  Sat down again,  Kiley fell asleep so I put her in her bassinett in my room,  then kids got ready to leave,  saw them off,  and it was just shy of 10 then.  So shut down computer,  got my jammies on and layed in bed and read for while.  I don't remember Steve even coming to bed. 
Up by midnight,  and Kiley was up shortly after.  Leslie was still up,  so I took her in her room and the little booger,  she started kicking and laughing when she saw the TV on in Leslie's room.  Les gave her her bottle but had to take her to living room and sat to watch the fire place to get her to go back to sleep.  Her mom and dad will kill me if she starts getting up at home in the middle of the night now.  lol  Anyway she is back in bedroom with Grandpa asleep for a while.  Guess I should head in there and sleep while she does. 

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  1. Missed ya yesterday. Maybe because you had times!


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