Friday, January 22, 2010

Plans and Grandparenthood

An interesting little bit of trivia.  Do you know what windshield wipers,  fire escapes and dishwashers all have in common?  They were all invented by women.  

Mission accomplished today,  by finishing up my tote box I started over a week ago.  I finished the painting and clear coat on it late afternoon.  Cleared kitchen table of paints and will take picture tomorrow in the gloomy day light.  Today marked the 7 day mark for fog and gray skies in our area.  I look forward to more snow just to brighten things up outside after this last week.  

Sunday finds another nephew a year older.  He will hit the 32 year mark.  Grown into a fine young man and very good father.  I am proud.   Happy early Birthday Jason.

Ran across a blog which reminded all that spring is only 2 more months away.  Winter has been typical so far,  bitter cold,  now thawing,  coming of more cold,  yes,  sounds like typical winter.   I now have another project to start on.  I can see it in my head,  need to get started building it.  My plan is to make a long shelf,  and on bottom will be long rod to hang a family quilt on.  In 1988,  I painted picture of in laws farm house on white material,  right in the middle.  Then with some helpful ideas,  placed 4 squares on the corners which included each one of their childs names,  anniversary date,  and birthdate, and list children and birthdates under each one.  The In laws recieved this for thier 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Turned out quite nice,  and Mother in law placed it proudly on guest room bed for years.  Both Steve's parents are gone now,  and I have the quilt,  now I would like to display it.  On top of the long shelf,  I plan to place most of mil's bell collection,  what bells we were allowed to have.  So now I want to get started on yet another winter "keep me busy" craft. 

My days have been busy trying to keep entertained my 5 month old grand daughter.  She is learning fast.  She now knows high 5,  when you place your hand up and say "high 5"  she reaches with her hand open up and touches ours.  Just yesterday while playing on my bed during her little play time,  she was talking to herself and even got out the sound  "ha ha" like I have been teaching her.  I got right on the phone to her mom and let her hear her talking,  so Melanie put her on speaker phone for the whole office to hear her new word.  I tell her daily that Granpdpa will teach her to say "ha ha Grandma" to times when she is doing everything with him.  I cherish the time I have now,  for as soon as she is able to be Grandpa's shadow,  I know my time with her will be limited.  So for now I am soaking up all the Grandma time I can.  She likes watching my cat chase her balls around the room,  and Sassy also likes to wait under Kiley in her walker for the baby toys to hit the floor,  for then she takes off with them to play with herself.  It's a full time job entertaining her,  very tiring some days when she decides to soak up love the whole day.  But she gets whatever amount she needs. 

Spring gardening should be an adventure with her working outside with me.  I just hope she is out of the stage of eating everything that she gets hold of like she does now.  I have been working with her on that.  I give her some toys and tell her she can bang on floor or high chair tray instead of eating them,  we play with running them on tray and making sounds while doing it,  hope to teach her not to put everything in her mouth. 

This spring when we place our garden,  we are going to mark off area which we will build on.  I am planning on doing some small areas in landscaping and plan to purchase a rose bush to be named after Kiley.  I will let her help me in the digging of dirt to plant it.  She will get her own gardening tools to use also,  plastic of course,  but she will be able to plant her own garden while I plant mine.  Should be interesting to take pictures of,  for she will be 7 to 9 months old at that time,  depending on when gardening can be planted in our area this year.  As fast as she is learning now, I am sure she will be all ready to assist me,  or tire me out from a day in the garden.  I have already warned Steve, he may have to build me a pen for her to play in.  Should be interesting to see what he comes up with to help me keep her safe and contained at the same time while I garden and landscape on the farm as well as here at home,  without putting her in a swing for long periods of time.  I am sure a swing will be included though.  He was very creative with our girls outside play things. 

I can see another project forming in my head to discuss with him to bring to life......but this will be his project.

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  1. Good luck on teaching her not to put things in her mouth-my 4 year old still does that! Why not find actual wood and metal gardening tools for her? Plastic is so cheap, ya know?

    I've been trying to figure out why my profile picture doesn't show up on any of the blogs I follow. I know I added it after I started following but that shouldn't matter.


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