Thursday, January 14, 2010

Keeping at bay, the winter blues

A beautiful day we were blessed with today.  The sunshined all day long,  temps moved up into the high 40's,  and the days are becoming longer giving us more daylight hours. 

I only got a few chances today to step outside to enjoy the sun,  but when I did,  the birds were singing and the snow is melting,  the ground in the driveway is mushy.  My truck needs washed real bad,  sporting mud from last woodcutting day,  blobs of mud lay on top of the back tires from thawing out finally.  For me that's a no-no,  for I have always been so particular about my truck,  so now I am raring to get to car wash to wash it.

Here it's been 2 full weeks into the new year,  and so far I am holding up to the winter hostaging in the house.  This being the first year without working,  which I had invisioned winter blues to set in,  social withdrawl hasn't over come me yet.  There were days at the beginning of November,  after gardening was done,  that I thought often of my job I left and people I missed seeing,  and I didn't look forward to winter months that lay ahead of me.  So far so good though.

I am bummed,  yesterday I didn't get to finish the painting on my tote box.  But spending time with little Kiley was an upfront,  first in line,  top of the list thing for the day.  She demanded it,  I gave it to her,  she deserves the attention of as much love as she can get at such a tender young age, which knows only loving arms can make it all go away,  for she had a winter blah sort of day.  Maybe today she will enjoy watching me paint and talk to her during the time she has to sit and watch me.  She may be my inspiration of bright colors introduced into my barn scene.  I intend to be her sunshine and do my best to make her smile and laugh as much as I can. 


  1. I'm headed outside now to clean the herd pen and see about making perches inside the goat house for the chickens to share. I can lure them in with grain, but they know how to get out. We'll clip their wings, but I don't think that's how they leave the herd pen anyway. Just gotta keep them safe!

  2. I don't know why Keith bothers to wash the van and then drive it 3 hours someplace. No one is impressed by the time he arrives, and I don't think the other drivers on the highway care.


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