Friday, January 22, 2010


I finally completed my tote box project.  It took some time,  as I can't hold the paint brush as steady as I once could,  making me disappointed in the way it was coming out.  I don't like to paint for the painstaking time between painting and drying are tedious moments for me,  but I hung in there and did it.  Many nights I could have worked on it,  but the pain in the neck and headache prevented me from sitting and being able to even see it without blurred vision. 
Yesterday,  I was able to finish and the box is now done. 

Here is picture of the little tote box I intend to use for paper napkin holder on kitchen table.   It will probably get used eventually for holding something else in another room,  but for now use in the kitchen is it's purpose. 
I can now proceed to my next shelf making item on my list.  I still have my logs out on the back porch to work with,  but with the wet the last week,  they aren't drying out like they need to.    I will just leave them on the list for now.  I have to dig in the bottom of my closet for the quilt the shelf will display for the width measurment I need for board and rod.  My quest goes on to do what I can when I can and the best I can.


  1. I'm catching up on blog reading. Doing this instead of a book in bed. Calling it a night early tonight. Wish I could paint that well.

  2. Very pretty! Nice job.


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