Monday, January 25, 2010

Dreams and Ghosts

Dreams have me awake tonight,  more than the usual pain waking times.  Having gotten used to the ghostly sounds of our home over the years,  this weekend they have been more active and loud.  In loud I mean bumps,  thuds,  clicks,  taps,  bangs,  and clinks.  To add to the list tonight is the dream of hearing the ghosts talk and argue between each other,  waking me with the "real" feeling of a dream being real. 

The weirdest part is the voices even had familiar faces,  and they were arguing over who I heard and spoke with the most.   Have I become so anti-social - I now only speak with ghosts?  Should I fear for my sanity?  Do I spend too many hours without talking with people,  I need to get out more?  Do I talk too much to myself in my mind that I am starting to answer myself too?  Or have I emersed myself too much into research on the internet of too many project plans at once?  All probable causes for such a dream.  Too deep to understand and my mind is too tired to try.  Bottom line,  I will blame it on the winter blahs,  rainy gloomy days and dark damp weather.  Healing prescription,  take 2 advil,  go back to bed,  and pray for some sunshine to brighten my days or snow to brighten my nights.  Message was sent,  now received,  so winding down now and hoping for my ghosts to quiet themselves and sleep for the night. 

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  1. I had a familiar, strange dream last night too. I think it was in the wee morning hours before sunrise. I wake up and ask God if there's any meaning to it, but never hear any confirmation.


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