Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow, perfect timing of Challenge of 2010 Bible Study online

23*  Yesterday,  just hung out inside,  watched the day begin with bright sunshine,  and as the day flew by,  the clouds moved in,  bringing the snow with it.  By 6:30 the flakes started falling.  

When Steve got home,  we started up the log splitter and split the wood we had brought home last wood cutting,  one load was split,  one not.  Got it split before snow could collect pile on it.  So we're set for another week of firewood.  

As I sit here the temp out is 24*  and it's still snowing,  only about 2" out there right now,  but as I looked at the driveway,  I can see the snow starting to drift from the wind kicking up.  the sky looks fierce with the dark gray clouds to our north.  Steve says he thinks my little leaf blower will work for cleaning sidewalks in the morning.  We have a hand snow blower,  but one year it wouldn't start for Steve and he just shelved it for future repair,  which didn't get done,  but it is too heavy for me to use.  

Supper was BK last night,  as we were outside off and on working.  Steve took one lawn mover over to Dave and Melanie's for Dave to blade off his driveway with snow blade on it.  BUT,  he hadn't yet got the snowblade on his lawn mower yet,  so there he was,  laying on the ground in the snow,  where he had blade Dave and I had dragged out for him to put on before the snow even hit......

My day was busy with Kiley.   Got another story started in my book, it has 2.   Read some while Kiley napped this afternoon.  Enjoyed the fire going and not doing anything but the essentials around the house today.

Received my first online Bible Study e-mail today.  Matthew 1-2 are the chapters for study to start.  Looking forward to this Challenge for 2010 I accepted through site I am a member of.    

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