Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blooms in Winter & Oil Treatment for Hair?

I picked up some "clearance" hyacinth bulbs last fall.  I figured I could force then this winter for early planting in my flower bed in the spring.  I wasn't even sure they would grow at all,  being late in season and on the clearance rack.  But I gave them a try.  I planted these in early December,  watered when soil needed it,  let it dry out a couple weeks then watered it again,  thinking it was a waste of time.  In the clay pot I had even just stuck in a baby off my spider plant so pot would have some green growing it it.  Behold,  I saw sprouts coming out of soil just after the first of the year,  and now I have spring flowers in the middle of January. 

I couldn't believe it a first when I saw the pink in the green of the tips growing,  I thought it was the color of the stalk being an odd shade.  But as the little buds started opening,  I see they are flowers.  I have never planted the hyacinth bulb before.  Only a potted plant.  So now,  I have potted hyacinth plants to plant when spring gets here which I grew myself. 

Watching these flowers bloom makes me want to get more seeds and get them started for my vegetable garden as well as more flowers.  Depending on the weather,  spring time comes here late March early April for planting vegetables and flowers.  Some years we have had to wait til mid May even.  So I don't want to jump in with plants everywhere too soon.  But I plan on hunting for seeds in the next week. 

Hopefully I will have plants growing in the next 3 weeks and watching them amaze me like these little bulbs did. 
Since God sent me color for my winter inside hole-up,  I won't have any winter blues at my house this year.  Thank you God..........

Today,  we collected some firewood again.  Thought we weren't going to with the fog and thawing out we have had,  but Steve said we could get some already cut wood and just split it and not go out into woods to cut.  So off we went,  another day of mud everywhere you walk and drive.  Hooked wagon and log splitter behind tractor and off we went.  I found some very unique pieces to cut for unique picture frames.  This tree when cut was rotting on the inside,  so it had big hole in the center.  Oh what a vision when I saw it laying there.  There were many odd pieces I found which can be transformed into some crafty items.  I hope we have enough to have some firewood out of this load,  for I have some great ideas for so much of it.  Can't wait til we get back to the walnut tree laying just inside the woods before the crops get put in.  I will have to bug Steve til we can get it cut up and dragged home.  But first must help spot dead trees to cut for firewood so he doesn't split up all the walnut to burn. 
And I thought my winter without working was going to be long and lonely after all the years of working outside the home.  Boy,  was I wrong............Only drawback today was the terrible head ache and neck pain I suffered when we got home this evening,  with too much lifting today.  But the pain has eased up and I am looking forward to tomorrow when me and my little chain saw head outside to start cutting and shaping my wood. 
Oh,  yeah,  our adventure today ended with the hydraulic hose on the log splitter breaking and spraying hydraulic oil all over the back of my coat and my bare head,  note:  wear hat when being around hydraulic hoses in future,    so now I have to wash my hair with Dawn to remove the oil.  Fun fun...on the upside,  I smell like Steve does when he gets home from work after working on farm machinary all day everyday.  Smells familiar,  but not fun to wear. 

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  1. I thought you were gonna give a really good recipe for an enriching hot oil treatment! How do you get it off your coat?


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