Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1 2009 Beautiful Sunday

Today I got the 966 seat covered finally. Had a time trying to figure out how to attach the new vinyl to the old seat, but Gorilla glue and industrial strength Velcro seems to have worked for now. Guess we will see how long it lasts. Next purchase will be a new seat and hope it lasts a few years.

I started cleaning out the flower beds. I didn't look forward to it, for I love the look of the flowers in bloom all summer long, but it is time, as the rain last week laid most of the ones blooming on their sides, and the mums are fading too. Steve picked up the big pile of leaves I had raked in the middle of the side yard, then he used the yard sweep on the whole yard, but it got too dark to finish it all. The trailer is piled high with leaves and discarded flower stalks. This will go into our wash out areas on the farm to help keep the soil from washing into creek. I warned Steve that we may have live forevers show up all along the area we are going to spread the leaves on, and he said he didn't mind. Can imagine if the seeds from these float down creek, they will grow up every where, which will be good for they bloom and come back every year thicker. Should make good erosion prevention.

Steve suggested lighting out outdoor fire pit he built and having hot dog roast, sounded good to me, so we did just that. The kids were all here to enjoy it also. Tomorrow I will tackle more of the flower beds, hoping to get them finished.

Cookies I made last week are all gone now, so I plan on making some more tomorrow also. Kiley will be here with us, so inside things will be done first, unless the weather permits and she can be outside with us. She's had some bad days the past few. Last night she stayed with us and didn't want to go to bed, finally at midnight she went to sleep. Slept til after 6. But like all little ones, she has her good days and her bad ones. Mommy was tired and hoping she sleeps tonight for them, when they left. Grandma is tired and hitting the bed early tonight as well.

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