Friday, November 13, 2009

It'a Friday, I feel like it's Friday

Today is Friday. So often we look forward to the end of the week with such enthusiasm. This week with all that I have done and all I have to do, I was hoping I could get a couple extra days this week, but it doesn't look like I will. So my Friday will be cramming all I have yet to do, into today.
Steve come home from work today not feeling well. I hope it isn't something which puts him feeling bad all weekend. I really hope he feels better in the morning already. I worry so when one of mine are sick.
I had to put finishing touches on kitchen after I built my pantry cabinet, so that took up part of the planned to do things today. I also took time out to wash my kitchen windows and fluff up my plants, remove dead leaves, re-arrange the kitchen and things on walls. Should of stopped where I was and got things on my list for the day done, then tackled the extras. Not so hard to keep with plans if I can cross off on list and then add the extra things on. But no, I got side tracked and let it take that time slot.
It doesn't look like I will get outside and get the rest of the leaves up before next week now. Had those on list too. Now here I sit in the middle of the night wondering if I will get things I have planned to do today done. lol The pains our bodies put us through as we age, no wonder older folks get cranky.
One good thing about my day is I am spending the day, all day listening to Christmas music on the radio. I don't think there is one song of the holiday's I have ever found I didn't like. At least there is no bars, no adultery, no sex in the songs I am hearing, only feel good holiday spirit and the joy of remembering Christ was born for all us to be able to spend eternity with God.

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  1. I can't believe how early they started broadcasting Christmas songs this year! I think it's due to the economy and trying to get people in the holiday mood so they'll start shopping. Subliminal programming ;)
    I love Christmas music. Always have. Would love to find a group to go caroling with!
    Hope you have a good weekend and that Steve starts to feel better soon.


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