Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last Sunday of November

Sunday morning, the last one of November. There is only 33 days of 2009 left.
My thoughts on today, I read Psalms 37 1 thru 40. Seems fitting for the coming of the end of another year. Trusting in the Lord in all things is something I should write down and post on fridge for daily reading. No need to fret over the bad things, for God will take care of those things in time. Believing and trusting in the Lord will lead our hearts to joyous times, riches galore, and love overflowing.
May God Bless the world during this Holiday Season and touch the hearts of those who don't know him. Hold in his arms those in lost minds of mourners. May he feed the hungry, and cloth the naked. Shelter the cold and warm the hearts of the forgotten elderly. May he open the door for the doubting and faithless, for they shall believe in him and his heaven above. Amen

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