Sunday, November 15, 2009

Awesome Day with my favorite Girls

Today, Melanie and Leslie and I spent the day getting things ready for an early Thanksgiving dinner which I am hosting for some family.
We laughed so much, I think we giggled off a couple pounds each. I just love the closeness the girls have with their Dad and I. Little Kiley had a blast also, listening to us and putting in her little giggles as the day went.
While things were in the oven baking and we had some down time in the kitchen, we enjoyed going outside and raking more leaves and cleaning up the yard. Kiley got to be out with us, for the day was just beautiful. She layed claim to her Grandpa's tree swing. Like him, she relaxed and took herself a little nap while swinging.
Steve worked in the field helping out our neighbor get his bean ground ready for winter. When Dave got home from work, we took up the load of leaves to farm and dumped in water washout area of field. We hope it will keep that area from washing out any deeper with the winter snow melting hits and then spring rains. Steve has got to teach me the trick to turning the truck and trailer around in small tight spaces. It took me forever and I took out a little of the corn with me while doing it. I will get it down pat someday, but run out of patience last night and just drove out into field a little to get turned around. Didn't loose any corn, for the deer have feasted on the end rows anyway, just stalks, but I told Steve when he got home, he has to show me yet again, how to turn around like he does. He makes it look so simple, then when I get behind the wheel, it is like hard to do. But heck, he can do anything and it looks easy, he's just natural at maneuvering things around while hooked to tractor or truck. My backing goes totally opposite, no matter how slow I go, it just does not cooperate with me.
We are expecting rain to move into our area again next week. We have to thank God for the beautiful weather we have had for the last 2 weeks. It has been so nice to sit outside and enjoy the warm and dry. It's really hard to realize it's the middle of November and we can open windows yet. Life is good and today was just an awesome day....

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