Friday, November 6, 2009

Today was windy here. So all the leaves we got up out of the yard are loaded ready to take to farm. The leaves which were left on our trees and the neighbors, they lay in our yard now. As I worked around the house today and took my little visits outside from time to time, I watched in awe as the wind picked up and blew leaves down the street. I also spent some time watching some of the squirrels in our neighborhood gathering food for their winter. As the wind blew, their little tails went ahead of them on their venture, one almost missed the tree when he/she took a flying leap at it. I laughed, for it's little feet where just flailing as he was trying to stay on target. He did make it, but he must of had a fast heart beat by the time he got to his limb and stopped.

The weather is just staying perfect around here for this time of year. So glad it hasn't started getting real cold yet. This weekend will be shorts warm, high in 70's. Can't complain about that. Just 2 weeks ago, we thought we might have to build an Ark.

I will use this time for outside work to let my mind wonder and hope and pray and reconnect with my heart. Some times they all separate, hence needing to reconnect. God Bless everyone and God Bless America.

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