Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving is upon us. The year has passed so fast. Spring brought heavy rains, making late planting of crops for some. Summer was cooler than normal for our area. Making it very tolerable for gardening and keeping up with the beautiful flowers we enjoyed throughout the summer and into fall. Fall found us again wading in heavy rain waters for days on end.

Thanksgiving day is suppose to bring with it a chance of snow showers. Such a quick change to the late summer temps we enjoyed for over a week here in November. Farmers are really hoping for the weather to cooperate so we can all get our crops out of the wet fields.

Today it's raining again, as the showers started yesterday morning. The skies have some major dark clouds, and here I was hoping for snow clouds to move in.

Monday I put up my big Christmas tree in the living room. Then yesterday I put lights and ornaments on it, put out some of my decorations, need to hit the closet for the rest of stuff. Christmas holidays are so my favorite. The bright festive colors of the lights and decorations seem to get most people in a better mood than the drab days of winter without them. I often find myself looking at the night sky for the northern star. With the daylight hours shortened now, I am able to see more of the stars than I do in the summer time. More time is spent outside in the evenings now, I think just to star gaze. Course I am not so busy keeping up with the work outside at this time of the year either, that giving me more time to just appreciate the beauty of the sky.

I baked apple crisp today. A new recipe, and I think this recipe will be put into my family cookbook as one of the best I have ever had. Super good taste, easy to make, and the flavor of spices are just the right mixture, creamy texture and so delicious.

So with the rain keeping me inside, the smell of baked apples in the kitchen, the house quiet with only me home for the time being, makes me mellow and happy at the same time. I think I should make the list of goodies the kids and I will make tomorrow, while we have fun teaching and learning from one another. Workout should be a good cardio one, for we will laugh the whole day. Another day to make some incredible memories.

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