Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thought for the day - maybe a few

I'm a little confused here, I tried to add a picture and it wouldn't let me, then I found it in an open tab at bottom of my screen here. lol I know now I am loosing it, but at least I am loosing it with giggles. I sure am glad Steve is a sound sleeper, or else he'd be out here at 3am seeing what I am laughing at....myself.....
The picture at the left here is what I will look like today, as I don't have little Kiley today. He Dad is off work and he will watch her while Melanie works. I take advantage of doing my cleaning with cleaning supplies while she isn't here, so she doesn't breath those odors.
Yesterday was so pretty here, I almost opened the windows. I will today if it's like that again. Not too many days in November a person can open windows and let the 60's wind blow through.
My attempt to rake the leaves has gone well, but there is still those left on the tree which fell today. When Steve got home, he asked me if I put the leaves back on the yard off the trailer which we picked up, well he picked up, I had them raked in large, very large pile. I laughed with him and said no, but I think the neighbors let us have most of theirs. The wind had blown them from neighboring trees and so I think we have every type of leaf laying around out here.
I might look around and see if there is any really nice ones and put them between two layers of clear contact paper to see if they will stay nice and I can use them for some crafts I am making for Christmas. Will update if that works or not for future reference.
I didn't get any cookies made for the cookie jar, which I had planed on doing, but the tractor seat assembly took a little longer than I planned on spending on it, and it still isn't assembled. lol Can't get the darn bolt to go into the arm hole to affix the arms on it. Steve said they are a b**** to get on anyway. So guess he will get to finish it up.
It's 50* outside right now and the moon is full and bright. Don't even need a flashlight tonight to see where to walk, it looks like dusk out there. Even the crickets are singing in full song tonight, as they enjoy this bout of warm weather.
Steve was telling a friend of his that we had this big hornets nest in our tree over the shed, and the guy wants it to decorate with. We haven't seen much action out of the hornets lately, don't know if they have left or if they are just not building right now. But they aren't swarming around in the tree now. Wonder where they go in the winter? Maybe that is something I can google this winter when I am bored. Add to list to do....
Steve and I watched the movie "17 again", Leslie and I had watched it on Monday. But it is a cute movie and I asked him if he wanted to watch it after supper and he didn't care. So I grabbed my crotchet and we settled in the living room and enjoyed watching it. Then by 9:30, he came through family room and headed to bed. He is tired, Jerry and him spent the day in the field putting on rear wheel assists on combines so the farmers can get into wet fields to get crops out. he said in shop the head company said it takes a whole day to put one on. Jerry and him put 2 on today, one in Winchester and one in Fieldon in the field not in shop. Those 2 work really well together, they hardly ever talk, they just know where the one is on job and hand each other tools they know the other should be needing at times. It's awesome to watch them work. I have had many opportunities to witness them working together and I have learned the technique when Steve and I are working on our tractors and things around house and farm. I can be ready with next tool for him too. Silent communication, it's cool.
So, my day was a good one. Baby Kiley was a good baby, I vacuumed the house, played with her, Leslie played with her, kitty Sassy played with her too. I messed around outside on porch, Leslie helped me put lattace panels up on porch, then made hooks to hand yard chairs on it for storage when not in use. Piddled around trying to put arm rest on seat of 966, didn't get that done but oh well...Raked more leaves away from porch and out of flower bed only to watch them blow and drop back into them. I did get the live forevers pulled out of the rest of the flower beds, they are laying on tarp in front yard for now. Tomorrow I will put them onto pile on trailer. Guess I should head back to bed now, get early start tomorrow and accomplish what I can.

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  1. Blog layouts can be kinda frustrating, can't they? Wow! 3 a.m.? Ouch! Glad to hear you were laughing and not crying at that hour!


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