Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My invitation to sit with me.

Let's sit here and watch the rain for a few minutes. Bring your coffee, tea, or choice drink and relax to the dripping rain drops hitting the leaves, roof tops, and autos. Can you hear the trees creak as the wind blows, and the rain drops plop on the ground as it shakes the rain off the limbs. Be ready for the misty spray we get as the wind changes directions. Can you hear the splash of the water as the cars go by on the road? Relaxing isn't it, to know we don't have to go anywhere for a while. Just sit here and watch the clouds flowing in the sky, changing colors and shapes as they swirl around and float on by.
Grab a lap blanket over there if you feel a chill, warm your hands on your cup and lets just think of all the tears in the world falling today. Do you think rain is the tears of Angels, their crying for lost souls and those who don't feel God in their lives? I really feel sorry for those who don't believe. In their loneliness, they can have the best friend in the world, he who listens to every word they say, feel every feeling they have, and love them unconditionally for life. I can't imagine feeling that alone. I have always had God in my life, and as I get older, he is more present everyday.
He sits here today with us, watching the rain, just hanging out. Do you feel him all around you? Look at the rain drops, he is every one as it drops from the sky, he is dancing in the wind with the clouds. He's warming you under that blanket as we sit here. Do you hear his humming in the rumble of the thunder? There he touched you with the mist of spray as the winds turned our way. It made you open your eyes didn't it, with the cold spray hitting your face. No need to dry it off, it's good to let it sink into your skin. There, see that lonely bird, he's leading him to shelter from the rain and cold. He will sit on the branch with him while he waits out the storm. Then he will lead him to food and his family, and never leave his side.
Oh? gotta go so soon?
Well, thanks for dropping by, be careful on the road, stay safe and warm, let's do this again one day soon. Be sure to take God along with you, he'll still be here with me too, so don't think I will be alone. He has a place for everyone at all times in his hands and arms. It's just up to us to make room in our hearts for him. Take care, God Bless you and me and everyone everywhere. Amen

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