Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mail came and with it.....

The mail come today, I picked it out of the mailbox like usual, newspaper, store flyer, post card advertisement, junk mail letter, and look here, a green envelope, ye....ah.....our first Christmas card from friends. I am so excited, I love receiving cards at Christmas time, many we get have little notes in them, telling about the family and what's been going on with them. Even if they are only signed, we know we have been in their thoughts and they let us know in the way of cards.
So tomorrow I am going to start on my cards. I usually have them made out and stamped ready to drop off in mail the day after Thanksgiving. This year has been one of many delays for me. I get something started and I end up having to leave it hanging til I can get back to it. Sometimes it's family things get in the way, other times it has been weather factor, and other times, too many times, I find myself starting something new, and not getting the first thing finished, compiling my projects on top of one another. Then I get the overwhelming feeling of too many things at once, and make my list of "to dos'" and buckle down and get them done one by one. I have never really made "New Year resolutions", but maybe this year is the time to start. I should keep to one project and make sure it finished, before starting another one. I will give this some thought.
Good news on the weather too, this morning it rained, a heavy mist, cold and very wet. But the sun shined this afternoon. It was so nice to see it peeking out around the clouds, then fully bathing the air with warmth. Praying real hard that we keep the sun for a while now. The ground needs to dry out, a lot.
Steve took the day off to take me to my hearing with W/C. I gave my testimony and my attorney said she would get back with me on the ruling as soon as she hears something from arbitrator. So will wait some more weeks for that. It has been like forever, but maybe there is an end to this nightmare which has me living a whole different life. I won't get back my life as it was, but this will end the fretting of not knowing what is to be. I pray for things to at least get to a plateau of steady for me. And I can go on with my life not so mind clouded. I ask God to see to this for me, and put it in his hands. I look forward to the guidance as he leads me onward.

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  1. I love receiving cards, like sending, hate the whole process of preparing!!! It's such a lengthy and time consuming one. Once it's done, it's such a huge feeling of achievement! That's the best!
    Good luck to you!


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