Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ought Owee, Busted

To continue on my ramblings...Yesterday I got the idea to build a large cabinet to put in my kitchen. My house is so old, there is hardly any closet space. So I decided to take a corner of my kitchen which was expandable, not really a usable space for anything big, and my son in law and I built a huge one for that corner. I will now have storage area for all those things which either sit on the counter top or shoved in bottom cabinets and not used for "out of sight out of mind". Now I can walk over to that "dead" corner and open a door and presto there is what I am looking for without taking everything out of bottom cabinet to find it. Now no more bags of chips sitting on counter for no where to put them after grocery shopping day.
It turned out taller than I had measured it to be, I didn't figure in the heights of my boards for framing and sides should have been cut down that much, but it is done and waiting to be painted, or stained. I am still up in the air of whether to paint it or stain it, so I am thinking on that now. Now I can arrange my appliances in it, and they don't have to sit out or be hidden. I have wanted a cabinet of some sort in that corner for many many years now, and Steve just didn't know what I wanted and so today I asked Dave if he would help me, I had picture in my head and bought the wood and we got started on it and just did it. When Steve got home, there it stood.
Sometimes I get in these moods, and do stuff like this. Today was one of those moods. lol Steve just shakes his head and makes funny looks with his eyes when I do these "remodels" to the house. I gotta hand it to him, he puts up with a lot, when I get these "wild hairs" as he calls them.
Now to get the wood box and shelves put in living room corner by fireplace which I have envisioned for years too. Some day that too will get done. Some day........

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