Monday, November 9, 2009

Shopped and dropped

Yesterday, Steve and I did the weekly grocery shopping. Neither one of us really wanted to do it. After all the things we got done on Saturday, we really didn't look forward to the trip, but we made ourselves go together.

Stopped by Melanie's and played with Kiley for a few minutes. Melanie is going to paint her porch steps and foundation around her house, so we dropped off some rollers for her to use. Melanie called later on and asked Leslie to come over a play with Kiley for she didn't like her mom working and not playing with her.

Steve wanted BBQ for lunch, so he fired up the grill and cooked out. It was real good, I just added a salad to go with it. So a very simple meal.

I made a batch of rice crispy treats for snacking on this week. Went through a pile of magazines, I am going to go through them and get the recipes out of them which I want, and then pitch them in paper pile.

We had the windows open all day. High was in the low 80's, so beautiful out. I am looking forward to the snow this winter. It's the dreary gray days leading up to the snow which I don't look forward to.

After errand running this morning, I am going to start my holiday cleaning. Moving things around, and clearing things to put out my Christmas and fall decorations around the house.

I have to go out and pick up the baby mice which Steve found in the log splitter on Saturday while getting it ready for use this winter. A whole nest of them. We had also found some in the W-6 when we used it at farm. While starting it up, they come running out from under the radiator and jumping to the ground. Guess they thought they found themselves a home for the winter.

Let us remember to appreciate the beauty all around us and thank God for the things we see, the people we meet, and the love we share with our family as we go about our day. God Bless all.

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