Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday blessings everyday

It's Sunday morning, I feel I need to give some attention to God today. Some days I tend to forget him and he is all around me. Everywhere I look, it's his doing that I have these beautiful things to see. The days I get too busy with physical working to sit back and admire and remember who and why I am able to even do the work I am doing, I somehow find time for the guilt to emerge and I then do remember God is the reason. So today I am going to put him first on my mind and in my heart and thank him for all he has given me. For without him, I am nobody, nothing, and nowhere in life.
Yesterday, Steve and I got accomplished what we had planned on doing. Went to farm, emptied leaves, shredded grass, moved things around for winter, took down fence around garden plot, yard swept more leaves again, got 1 lawn mower running again, picked up furniture for kids, helped them get it into house and set up, old stuff out to garage, played with Kiley, loaded leaves on trailer with yard sweep, took over to kids house to use in their yard and left it for them to load their leaves onto trailer. I did get one surprise when we were working in garden. Some of the onions I had bent over for bottoms to grow big, we dug them up and some had started growing green tops again, so we have some green onions to cook with and add to salad here at the end of season. After all the rain we had gotten in October, I feared my onions had rotted and were not going to be any good. But some were still big in the ground and then there were those which had started growing again. So not a lose after all.
I had used the leaf blower to get the new fallen leaves out of my flower beds this morning, and my giant yellow rose bush is still blooming. The frost didn't stop that baby. It's still going strong. I think it is about 7 foot tall now, if not taller. And the plant stalk is about 1 inch in diameter. I call it my giant rose bush.
I talked with my cousin yesterday also. Planning on a get together sort of early Thanksgiving with her and some of her family for next Sunday. Really looking forward to it, and visiting with the family together. Should be an out and out mad house, with her son, her hubby, my hubby, and my son in law all together in one room. Looking forward to the laughs also. Ever heard of the funny farm? That is what it's like when they all get together, and we laugh so hard and so much that our bodies ache for days from the good times. Laughter is better than stomach crunches. A lot more fun too.
God Bless all and may He be present in your hearts and minds daily.

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