Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Wednesday Ramble

Today I visited the unemployment office. I have finally filed, don't know whether I will receive it, but it couldn't hurt to try for it. I should have an answer in 7 - 10 days they say. My ex-boss was such an a** in what he told them. Even the interviewer sort of chuckled. I just confirmed that was him live in person on that paper.
When I got home, Leslie had watched Kiley while I was gone, they seemed to have had a good time together. Kiley was all smiles and happy.
I tackled the cleaning the pantry this afternoon. All summer long it get things I need which are stored in there, pulled out and they seem to accumulate in corners of the kitchen. Sooo, today the corners got cleaned and the stuff went back in there where it should have went when I was done with it in the first place. Most of it was paint cans. I won't be painting any more this year. But come spring I know it will come back out to paint something. lol
I made out the meeting notices for our next club meeting, have them ready to stuff in envelopes and then I need to address them and mail them off. Next meeting is on the 15th so don't want to wait on getting them mailed, someone might not get theirs on time and they would miss nominations for 2010 officers. I already know we will need a treasurer, he told me he was not joining the club next year. His wife doesn't like him even coming to watch our pulls. He sold his tractor several years ago, but stayed member and watched at pulls. Then for the last 2 years, he was treasurer. The new treasurer will have to be an honest one. We had one which embezzled, but paid it back when confronted. Still it was not good for the honesty of the club. I worked very close with the last one, for he knew of the situation and didn't want the responsibility but took it if I would work with him. As secretary, I was able to do that and we had no goofs, and our bank balance was right on. We'll see what other offices there is to fill come day of meeting.
Steve got home early tonight, so he took the C and trailer over to Dave and Melanie's to add their leaf pile onto it. We all still have leaves falling from trees, but this was most of them for now. The trailer is piled like really piled high. lol Steve said we need to keep the washouts from washing anymore than they are now. After the 12+ inches of rain in October, they are bad. We will take them up Sat. and work up there for a while.
After Steve got back from kids house, we then took Kiley home and had supper with them. Then watched home video of the kids weekend at Dave's folks. Looked like they had a lot of fun while there. So glad they are really good people and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving with them. Melanie and Dave are hosting it this year. This will be the first year for them, so Melanie said I have to show her how to do everything. That won't be hard, for she is a fast learner and Dave likes to cook too. I am sure he will want to make the desserts.
I'm tired and should be in bed, was there, but restless leg syndrome got me back up. So glad for spell check for, I would have had many mispelled words. lol

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