Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Looking forward to early holiday celebration

Another day gone by. But a glorious one it was. My nephew and his son stopped in to visit. He is home on leave from Navy, so haven't seen him since late spring. Was a good visit. Our plans for a Thanksgiving with him and his family while he is home is made. Looking forward to it very much. This is first time for his wife to be at one of our family functions. She attended Melanie and Dave's open house event, but other than that, no real family thing. I can't wait for her to be able to see her hubby in his home turf and acting like a 13 year old with all the grown men in our family acting the same age. lol She may go home with sore sides from laughing at them. I sure hope so anyway.
Took picture of him, his son and little Kiley. Kiley actually sat and smiled for picture, I guess she enjoyed him as much as he enjoyed her. Well, like most guys enjoy babies. He is more into kids when they can play. She still just sits there.
Now I have to call his mom and get with her on menu plans for the dinner on Sunday. Her and her hubby are invited to spend the night on Sat. and then we will cook together on Sunday. Haven't done that in a while either so look forward to going down memory lane sharing stories of what we used to do together but haven't in several years as they moved away and aren't around much in person, just in thoughts and phone calls.
I almost have Kiley's blanket crocheted. I will probably finish it up in morning while I watch the news and have my coffee. After it is done, I plan on making her a hat and mittens, will see how they turn out. lol I need to make her a couple more bonnets for winter wear. She is growing so fast now, the first one I made her is way too small now. I just have to get her mom to put the other one on her once in a while. lol Melanie isn't into frilly things, but Grandma is. I want to make her a dress too, for she doesn't have any lacy dresses either and can't find any like the ones my girls used to wear. The fashion of today isn't very good in my opinion. Wish some line of clothing would pick up on old fashioned through today's fashion, so there was a choice. Just wishful thinking.
Today's quote: A single thankful thought towards heaven is the most perfect of all prayers. (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)

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