Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busy busy morning....need recess time...

Well, this morning I headed out and started finishing up the raking and cutting of flowers and leaves. I can't believe the pile we have on our trailer. I am beginning to wonder if Steve will be able to tie this tarp together, or if we will have to put another one on top of it before we take it to the farm.
Time got away from me and now I sit here with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of tea for my lunch, it's after 2 already.
My yellow rose bush, that grew to 6 foot tall, is still blooming. It is so tall it is falling over, so I put my twister ground breaker tool by it to hold it up til it's ready to be cut back. (Not sure what the thing is called for sure) Some of my mums are still pretty and full of flowers so I left them too. Otherwise stuff is done in the flower beds.
Steve and I will have to hit the road early on Sat. to get things done up there and be home cleaned up and heading for Alton by 3:30. But I love early morning get goings, I am a morning person, always have been, probably always will be.
Now I am waiting on sil Dave to get here with the ladder so I can clean leaves out of the gutters that I can reach, then Steve will only have a few to get out.
I run the yard sweep all over the yard again and got it cleaned up, but I looked up at our trees and the ones on the north side of the house have a lot of leaves left on them. I am hoping as they fall to the ground, they fall into the street and blow away. lol
I dug out my little am/fm radio and strapped it on my arm and tuned it to 100.3 in our area. It is Christmas songs all day long, and hardly any interuptions. Love the music.

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