Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Halloween Night

Well, had quite a few trick or treaters tonight. Quite cute costumes too. Some of the moms were dressed up as the moms of there children. One mom was Betty Rubble and son was BamBam. Real nice idea to enjoy the holiday with the children. I never dressed up with mine, I was the one who stayed home and passed out candy while Steve took the girls and 2 of my nephews around. But the kids come home with all sort of stories to tell me and they were wound up for hours afterward. It was so fun listening to them tell of other kids and costumes. So the time is almost over for the little ones to be out. Kiley is spending the night, her Dad is still at his brothers for the weekend and Melanie is tired, so we volunteered to keep Kiley tonight so she can get a good nights sleep. If Kiley is anything like she has been when she stays the night when they work, she will sleep all night for us. lol Guess there is nothing to wake her here. At her house the dogs roam around all night and they have wood floors and the dogs nails click on the floors. I think with our house the quiet lets her sleep the night through.

So, Steve worked til noon today, then when he got home he finished wiring the little C lights up, thinks he has everything on it now. Only needs to pick up some bolts for the rear wheels. Little things like that were put off due to the rain off and on all week. I started raking the leaves out of the driveway and from under the tree out the back door, and raked the ones out of my patio area. There is a huge pile in the middle of the side yard now. Steve said we will put them on a tarp on the trailer and take them up to the farm to put in the washout area on road way back to garden and where the rest of the equipment is parked. He said it would help keep it from washing out so bad this winter. Next spring we will put in culvert and some rock along the wash outs since we know exactly where they all are after the rains we had this year. He said he wants to tile in some areas too. That will all be mapped out this winter and get it done in the spring before planting. If weather stays nice we can get some of it done this winter. But never ever rely on being dry enough to do something the way it's been so unpredictable this year.

Well, it's time to get the little grand daughter ready for her night bottle and into bed hopefully for the night. Hope she has sweet dreams here at grandma's and grandpa's tonight. We really do love this little girl so much. So glad she's in our lives.

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