Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today we had our Thanksgiving with son in laws family. Melanie and Dave hosted the dinner. The food was plentiful and delicious. The guests were comfortable and talkative. Everyone enjoyed the visiting and thankful for the time we got to spend together. We look forward to getting together again soon.
Kiley was such a good baby, she enjoyed having us all together also. She spent most of the day awake, enjoying the hugs and loving of her other side of the family. Her other Grandma is really good with her, and it shows in the way she talks with her and holds her. Her Uncle is really impressed with his only niece too. It's funny to watch him with her. He is only 17 and he loves her so much already. Such a great sight to see from a teenage young man.
Tonight is such a treat for me. The series Monk is one of my favorite shows. Today has been marathon day for the series is coming to an end this coming Friday. I have enjoyed the 8 seasons it has been on. I shall miss new shows, but look forward to re-runs.
Steve is helping neighbor get his crops out, then he will help us get ours out. The weather last week found us enjoying 50's and 60's. The wind kicked up here today and it's howling out there right now. Temps are cool and it feels a little like winter is setting in. The snow will be coming soon, I shall enjoy watching it fall, and taking walks in the evenings are one of my favorite things to do. With the white on the ground it is like daybreak all night long.
But hope it holds off a few more weeks. We still have so many things to do yet before we are ready to sit back and enjoy the winter months of not much to do. lol

Last Sunday of November

Sunday morning, the last one of November. There is only 33 days of 2009 left.
My thoughts on today, I read Psalms 37 1 thru 40. Seems fitting for the coming of the end of another year. Trusting in the Lord in all things is something I should write down and post on fridge for daily reading. No need to fret over the bad things, for God will take care of those things in time. Believing and trusting in the Lord will lead our hearts to joyous times, riches galore, and love overflowing.
May God Bless the world during this Holiday Season and touch the hearts of those who don't know him. Hold in his arms those in lost minds of mourners. May he feed the hungry, and cloth the naked. Shelter the cold and warm the hearts of the forgotten elderly. May he open the door for the doubting and faithless, for they shall believe in him and his heaven above. Amen

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving is upon us. The year has passed so fast. Spring brought heavy rains, making late planting of crops for some. Summer was cooler than normal for our area. Making it very tolerable for gardening and keeping up with the beautiful flowers we enjoyed throughout the summer and into fall. Fall found us again wading in heavy rain waters for days on end.

Thanksgiving day is suppose to bring with it a chance of snow showers. Such a quick change to the late summer temps we enjoyed for over a week here in November. Farmers are really hoping for the weather to cooperate so we can all get our crops out of the wet fields.

Today it's raining again, as the showers started yesterday morning. The skies have some major dark clouds, and here I was hoping for snow clouds to move in.

Monday I put up my big Christmas tree in the living room. Then yesterday I put lights and ornaments on it, put out some of my decorations, need to hit the closet for the rest of stuff. Christmas holidays are so my favorite. The bright festive colors of the lights and decorations seem to get most people in a better mood than the drab days of winter without them. I often find myself looking at the night sky for the northern star. With the daylight hours shortened now, I am able to see more of the stars than I do in the summer time. More time is spent outside in the evenings now, I think just to star gaze. Course I am not so busy keeping up with the work outside at this time of the year either, that giving me more time to just appreciate the beauty of the sky.

I baked apple crisp today. A new recipe, and I think this recipe will be put into my family cookbook as one of the best I have ever had. Super good taste, easy to make, and the flavor of spices are just the right mixture, creamy texture and so delicious.

So with the rain keeping me inside, the smell of baked apples in the kitchen, the house quiet with only me home for the time being, makes me mellow and happy at the same time. I think I should make the list of goodies the kids and I will make tomorrow, while we have fun teaching and learning from one another. Workout should be a good cardio one, for we will laugh the whole day. Another day to make some incredible memories.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

First Tractor of Our Collection - 1950-Farmall-M

I was thinking, maybe I should blog about our collection of Antique Tractors, since this will open the door a little for people to know us.
We purchased our first tractor in 1990. Steve was working for International Harvester company then. He had delivered some piece of equipment to a farmer in neighboring state of MO. While there talking with the farmer, he spotted the tractor in the farmers shed, which sparked conversation. The farmer said he would sell it, for it only took up space in his shed, he didn't use it any longer. The farmer quoted Steve price he would take for it, running and good paint job. When Steve got home, he talked with me and we decided it was time he had his own pulling tractor, as he had been pulling his dad's old tractor which one of my brothers had bought.
Steve and my brother went and got the tractor.
Steve taught me to drive it, as well as taught both our girls when they were old enough and could reach the pedals.
Steve got me into pulling with him, for weight classes we could pull as many classes as we could weigh for. So we took turns pulling at pulls. It become a family outing for the summer time. The girls both enjoyed visiting with other youngsters and even the pullers themselves.
Over the years, Steve has added some features onto this tractor. He added power steering, hydraulics, and a front end loader. This tractor has sort of been retired from the pulling circuit, and is used every year for a track work tractor at our club pulls. It is easy to use around the farm also.
It's so true, you never forget your first......tractor, which lead to the start of our collection.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mail came and with it.....

The mail come today, I picked it out of the mailbox like usual, newspaper, store flyer, post card advertisement, junk mail letter, and look here, a green envelope, ye....ah.....our first Christmas card from friends. I am so excited, I love receiving cards at Christmas time, many we get have little notes in them, telling about the family and what's been going on with them. Even if they are only signed, we know we have been in their thoughts and they let us know in the way of cards.
So tomorrow I am going to start on my cards. I usually have them made out and stamped ready to drop off in mail the day after Thanksgiving. This year has been one of many delays for me. I get something started and I end up having to leave it hanging til I can get back to it. Sometimes it's family things get in the way, other times it has been weather factor, and other times, too many times, I find myself starting something new, and not getting the first thing finished, compiling my projects on top of one another. Then I get the overwhelming feeling of too many things at once, and make my list of "to dos'" and buckle down and get them done one by one. I have never really made "New Year resolutions", but maybe this year is the time to start. I should keep to one project and make sure it finished, before starting another one. I will give this some thought.
Good news on the weather too, this morning it rained, a heavy mist, cold and very wet. But the sun shined this afternoon. It was so nice to see it peeking out around the clouds, then fully bathing the air with warmth. Praying real hard that we keep the sun for a while now. The ground needs to dry out, a lot.
Steve took the day off to take me to my hearing with W/C. I gave my testimony and my attorney said she would get back with me on the ruling as soon as she hears something from arbitrator. So will wait some more weeks for that. It has been like forever, but maybe there is an end to this nightmare which has me living a whole different life. I won't get back my life as it was, but this will end the fretting of not knowing what is to be. I pray for things to at least get to a plateau of steady for me. And I can go on with my life not so mind clouded. I ask God to see to this for me, and put it in his hands. I look forward to the guidance as he leads me onward.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My invitation to sit with me.

Let's sit here and watch the rain for a few minutes. Bring your coffee, tea, or choice drink and relax to the dripping rain drops hitting the leaves, roof tops, and autos. Can you hear the trees creak as the wind blows, and the rain drops plop on the ground as it shakes the rain off the limbs. Be ready for the misty spray we get as the wind changes directions. Can you hear the splash of the water as the cars go by on the road? Relaxing isn't it, to know we don't have to go anywhere for a while. Just sit here and watch the clouds flowing in the sky, changing colors and shapes as they swirl around and float on by.
Grab a lap blanket over there if you feel a chill, warm your hands on your cup and lets just think of all the tears in the world falling today. Do you think rain is the tears of Angels, their crying for lost souls and those who don't feel God in their lives? I really feel sorry for those who don't believe. In their loneliness, they can have the best friend in the world, he who listens to every word they say, feel every feeling they have, and love them unconditionally for life. I can't imagine feeling that alone. I have always had God in my life, and as I get older, he is more present everyday.
He sits here today with us, watching the rain, just hanging out. Do you feel him all around you? Look at the rain drops, he is every one as it drops from the sky, he is dancing in the wind with the clouds. He's warming you under that blanket as we sit here. Do you hear his humming in the rumble of the thunder? There he touched you with the mist of spray as the winds turned our way. It made you open your eyes didn't it, with the cold spray hitting your face. No need to dry it off, it's good to let it sink into your skin. There, see that lonely bird, he's leading him to shelter from the rain and cold. He will sit on the branch with him while he waits out the storm. Then he will lead him to food and his family, and never leave his side.
Oh? gotta go so soon?
Well, thanks for dropping by, be careful on the road, stay safe and warm, let's do this again one day soon. Be sure to take God along with you, he'll still be here with me too, so don't think I will be alone. He has a place for everyone at all times in his hands and arms. It's just up to us to make room in our hearts for him. Take care, God Bless you and me and everyone everywhere. Amen

Monday, November 16, 2009

Open arms, feel the love.

Life finds many people in and out of our lives as time goes by. There are few which hold that special place in our hearts. Many we hold dear, but just that few which are very unique and special.
Yesterday I got a chance to spend some time with some of my "few" and the time was so nice, I really didn't want it to end.
Within the walls of our home yesterday, the sounds of laughter and love livened the gray rainy day. The bright light of joy had to have had our house lite up all the way to the moon. Our little early Thanksgiving day turned out every bit as good as I had hoped and then some. I wish we had had more time to chat and visit, but every moment of it was spent laughing and enjoying the love we share with one another.
So many opportunities are presented to us to grab hold of and make cherished memories out of, if only more people in the world would grab those times and hold them dear to their hearts, their lives would be enriched with beauty beyond their expectations.
God is present in my home and today his love shined all around those who entered. I thank him for this time we had and look forward to many more such gatherings with his love present like we had today.
Thank you God for such a wonderful family and for bringing them together and remembering you for all we have and sharing with us the true meaning of a loving family. Amen

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Awesome Day with my favorite Girls

Today, Melanie and Leslie and I spent the day getting things ready for an early Thanksgiving dinner which I am hosting for some family.
We laughed so much, I think we giggled off a couple pounds each. I just love the closeness the girls have with their Dad and I. Little Kiley had a blast also, listening to us and putting in her little giggles as the day went.
While things were in the oven baking and we had some down time in the kitchen, we enjoyed going outside and raking more leaves and cleaning up the yard. Kiley got to be out with us, for the day was just beautiful. She layed claim to her Grandpa's tree swing. Like him, she relaxed and took herself a little nap while swinging.
Steve worked in the field helping out our neighbor get his bean ground ready for winter. When Dave got home from work, we took up the load of leaves to farm and dumped in water washout area of field. We hope it will keep that area from washing out any deeper with the winter snow melting hits and then spring rains. Steve has got to teach me the trick to turning the truck and trailer around in small tight spaces. It took me forever and I took out a little of the corn with me while doing it. I will get it down pat someday, but run out of patience last night and just drove out into field a little to get turned around. Didn't loose any corn, for the deer have feasted on the end rows anyway, just stalks, but I told Steve when he got home, he has to show me yet again, how to turn around like he does. He makes it look so simple, then when I get behind the wheel, it is like hard to do. But heck, he can do anything and it looks easy, he's just natural at maneuvering things around while hooked to tractor or truck. My backing goes totally opposite, no matter how slow I go, it just does not cooperate with me.
We are expecting rain to move into our area again next week. We have to thank God for the beautiful weather we have had for the last 2 weeks. It has been so nice to sit outside and enjoy the warm and dry. It's really hard to realize it's the middle of November and we can open windows yet. Life is good and today was just an awesome day....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and the next and next...

Life is funny how it passes day by day, not realizing things are aging, and people are growing older, more mature, little ones are growing up. Then one day you happen across a family member or an old friend and like running into a wall, it hits you full on how everyone has aged. Where did the years go? I guess I need to get out more often. But tonight I ran across some recent pictures of some family and friends via cyber space here, and I can't believe how they have changed, yet they are the same. Their children are growing so big. Life hands us so many changes, wonder why we don't see them as they evolve. Or do we see them and just don't let it register with our brain. Like the seasons, we just get through one, to get to another, and the pattern keeps going, as time flies by.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It'a Friday, I feel like it's Friday

Today is Friday. So often we look forward to the end of the week with such enthusiasm. This week with all that I have done and all I have to do, I was hoping I could get a couple extra days this week, but it doesn't look like I will. So my Friday will be cramming all I have yet to do, into today.
Steve come home from work today not feeling well. I hope it isn't something which puts him feeling bad all weekend. I really hope he feels better in the morning already. I worry so when one of mine are sick.
I had to put finishing touches on kitchen after I built my pantry cabinet, so that took up part of the planned to do things today. I also took time out to wash my kitchen windows and fluff up my plants, remove dead leaves, re-arrange the kitchen and things on walls. Should of stopped where I was and got things on my list for the day done, then tackled the extras. Not so hard to keep with plans if I can cross off on list and then add the extra things on. But no, I got side tracked and let it take that time slot.
It doesn't look like I will get outside and get the rest of the leaves up before next week now. Had those on list too. Now here I sit in the middle of the night wondering if I will get things I have planned to do today done. lol The pains our bodies put us through as we age, no wonder older folks get cranky.
One good thing about my day is I am spending the day, all day listening to Christmas music on the radio. I don't think there is one song of the holiday's I have ever found I didn't like. At least there is no bars, no adultery, no sex in the songs I am hearing, only feel good holiday spirit and the joy of remembering Christ was born for all us to be able to spend eternity with God.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


God Bless us one and all. Some days there are no words needed to describe the feelings in the heart. Today is one of those days for me.

This day and your life are God's gift to you, So give thanks and be joyful always.

We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in darkenss.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ought Owee, Busted

To continue on my ramblings...Yesterday I got the idea to build a large cabinet to put in my kitchen. My house is so old, there is hardly any closet space. So I decided to take a corner of my kitchen which was expandable, not really a usable space for anything big, and my son in law and I built a huge one for that corner. I will now have storage area for all those things which either sit on the counter top or shoved in bottom cabinets and not used for "out of sight out of mind". Now I can walk over to that "dead" corner and open a door and presto there is what I am looking for without taking everything out of bottom cabinet to find it. Now no more bags of chips sitting on counter for no where to put them after grocery shopping day.
It turned out taller than I had measured it to be, I didn't figure in the heights of my boards for framing and sides should have been cut down that much, but it is done and waiting to be painted, or stained. I am still up in the air of whether to paint it or stain it, so I am thinking on that now. Now I can arrange my appliances in it, and they don't have to sit out or be hidden. I have wanted a cabinet of some sort in that corner for many many years now, and Steve just didn't know what I wanted and so today I asked Dave if he would help me, I had picture in my head and bought the wood and we got started on it and just did it. When Steve got home, there it stood.
Sometimes I get in these moods, and do stuff like this. Today was one of those moods. lol Steve just shakes his head and makes funny looks with his eyes when I do these "remodels" to the house. I gotta hand it to him, he puts up with a lot, when I get these "wild hairs" as he calls them.
Now to get the wood box and shelves put in living room corner by fireplace which I have envisioned for years too. Some day that too will get done. Some day........

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Looking forward to early holiday celebration

Another day gone by. But a glorious one it was. My nephew and his son stopped in to visit. He is home on leave from Navy, so haven't seen him since late spring. Was a good visit. Our plans for a Thanksgiving with him and his family while he is home is made. Looking forward to it very much. This is first time for his wife to be at one of our family functions. She attended Melanie and Dave's open house event, but other than that, no real family thing. I can't wait for her to be able to see her hubby in his home turf and acting like a 13 year old with all the grown men in our family acting the same age. lol She may go home with sore sides from laughing at them. I sure hope so anyway.
Took picture of him, his son and little Kiley. Kiley actually sat and smiled for picture, I guess she enjoyed him as much as he enjoyed her. Well, like most guys enjoy babies. He is more into kids when they can play. She still just sits there.
Now I have to call his mom and get with her on menu plans for the dinner on Sunday. Her and her hubby are invited to spend the night on Sat. and then we will cook together on Sunday. Haven't done that in a while either so look forward to going down memory lane sharing stories of what we used to do together but haven't in several years as they moved away and aren't around much in person, just in thoughts and phone calls.
I almost have Kiley's blanket crocheted. I will probably finish it up in morning while I watch the news and have my coffee. After it is done, I plan on making her a hat and mittens, will see how they turn out. lol I need to make her a couple more bonnets for winter wear. She is growing so fast now, the first one I made her is way too small now. I just have to get her mom to put the other one on her once in a while. lol Melanie isn't into frilly things, but Grandma is. I want to make her a dress too, for she doesn't have any lacy dresses either and can't find any like the ones my girls used to wear. The fashion of today isn't very good in my opinion. Wish some line of clothing would pick up on old fashioned through today's fashion, so there was a choice. Just wishful thinking.
Today's quote: A single thankful thought towards heaven is the most perfect of all prayers. (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shopped and dropped

Yesterday, Steve and I did the weekly grocery shopping. Neither one of us really wanted to do it. After all the things we got done on Saturday, we really didn't look forward to the trip, but we made ourselves go together.

Stopped by Melanie's and played with Kiley for a few minutes. Melanie is going to paint her porch steps and foundation around her house, so we dropped off some rollers for her to use. Melanie called later on and asked Leslie to come over a play with Kiley for she didn't like her mom working and not playing with her.

Steve wanted BBQ for lunch, so he fired up the grill and cooked out. It was real good, I just added a salad to go with it. So a very simple meal.

I made a batch of rice crispy treats for snacking on this week. Went through a pile of magazines, I am going to go through them and get the recipes out of them which I want, and then pitch them in paper pile.

We had the windows open all day. High was in the low 80's, so beautiful out. I am looking forward to the snow this winter. It's the dreary gray days leading up to the snow which I don't look forward to.

After errand running this morning, I am going to start my holiday cleaning. Moving things around, and clearing things to put out my Christmas and fall decorations around the house.

I have to go out and pick up the baby mice which Steve found in the log splitter on Saturday while getting it ready for use this winter. A whole nest of them. We had also found some in the W-6 when we used it at farm. While starting it up, they come running out from under the radiator and jumping to the ground. Guess they thought they found themselves a home for the winter.

Let us remember to appreciate the beauty all around us and thank God for the things we see, the people we meet, and the love we share with our family as we go about our day. God Bless all.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday blessings everyday

It's Sunday morning, I feel I need to give some attention to God today. Some days I tend to forget him and he is all around me. Everywhere I look, it's his doing that I have these beautiful things to see. The days I get too busy with physical working to sit back and admire and remember who and why I am able to even do the work I am doing, I somehow find time for the guilt to emerge and I then do remember God is the reason. So today I am going to put him first on my mind and in my heart and thank him for all he has given me. For without him, I am nobody, nothing, and nowhere in life.
Yesterday, Steve and I got accomplished what we had planned on doing. Went to farm, emptied leaves, shredded grass, moved things around for winter, took down fence around garden plot, yard swept more leaves again, got 1 lawn mower running again, picked up furniture for kids, helped them get it into house and set up, old stuff out to garage, played with Kiley, loaded leaves on trailer with yard sweep, took over to kids house to use in their yard and left it for them to load their leaves onto trailer. I did get one surprise when we were working in garden. Some of the onions I had bent over for bottoms to grow big, we dug them up and some had started growing green tops again, so we have some green onions to cook with and add to salad here at the end of season. After all the rain we had gotten in October, I feared my onions had rotted and were not going to be any good. But some were still big in the ground and then there were those which had started growing again. So not a lose after all.
I had used the leaf blower to get the new fallen leaves out of my flower beds this morning, and my giant yellow rose bush is still blooming. The frost didn't stop that baby. It's still going strong. I think it is about 7 foot tall now, if not taller. And the plant stalk is about 1 inch in diameter. I call it my giant rose bush.
I talked with my cousin yesterday also. Planning on a get together sort of early Thanksgiving with her and some of her family for next Sunday. Really looking forward to it, and visiting with the family together. Should be an out and out mad house, with her son, her hubby, my hubby, and my son in law all together in one room. Looking forward to the laughs also. Ever heard of the funny farm? That is what it's like when they all get together, and we laugh so hard and so much that our bodies ache for days from the good times. Laughter is better than stomach crunches. A lot more fun too.
God Bless all and may He be present in your hearts and minds daily.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Today was windy here. So all the leaves we got up out of the yard are loaded ready to take to farm. The leaves which were left on our trees and the neighbors, they lay in our yard now. As I worked around the house today and took my little visits outside from time to time, I watched in awe as the wind picked up and blew leaves down the street. I also spent some time watching some of the squirrels in our neighborhood gathering food for their winter. As the wind blew, their little tails went ahead of them on their venture, one almost missed the tree when he/she took a flying leap at it. I laughed, for it's little feet where just flailing as he was trying to stay on target. He did make it, but he must of had a fast heart beat by the time he got to his limb and stopped.

The weather is just staying perfect around here for this time of year. So glad it hasn't started getting real cold yet. This weekend will be shorts warm, high in 70's. Can't complain about that. Just 2 weeks ago, we thought we might have to build an Ark.

I will use this time for outside work to let my mind wonder and hope and pray and reconnect with my heart. Some times they all separate, hence needing to reconnect. God Bless everyone and God Bless America.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Wednesday Ramble

Today I visited the unemployment office. I have finally filed, don't know whether I will receive it, but it couldn't hurt to try for it. I should have an answer in 7 - 10 days they say. My ex-boss was such an a** in what he told them. Even the interviewer sort of chuckled. I just confirmed that was him live in person on that paper.
When I got home, Leslie had watched Kiley while I was gone, they seemed to have had a good time together. Kiley was all smiles and happy.
I tackled the cleaning the pantry this afternoon. All summer long it get things I need which are stored in there, pulled out and they seem to accumulate in corners of the kitchen. Sooo, today the corners got cleaned and the stuff went back in there where it should have went when I was done with it in the first place. Most of it was paint cans. I won't be painting any more this year. But come spring I know it will come back out to paint something. lol
I made out the meeting notices for our next club meeting, have them ready to stuff in envelopes and then I need to address them and mail them off. Next meeting is on the 15th so don't want to wait on getting them mailed, someone might not get theirs on time and they would miss nominations for 2010 officers. I already know we will need a treasurer, he told me he was not joining the club next year. His wife doesn't like him even coming to watch our pulls. He sold his tractor several years ago, but stayed member and watched at pulls. Then for the last 2 years, he was treasurer. The new treasurer will have to be an honest one. We had one which embezzled, but paid it back when confronted. Still it was not good for the honesty of the club. I worked very close with the last one, for he knew of the situation and didn't want the responsibility but took it if I would work with him. As secretary, I was able to do that and we had no goofs, and our bank balance was right on. We'll see what other offices there is to fill come day of meeting.
Steve got home early tonight, so he took the C and trailer over to Dave and Melanie's to add their leaf pile onto it. We all still have leaves falling from trees, but this was most of them for now. The trailer is piled like really piled high. lol Steve said we need to keep the washouts from washing anymore than they are now. After the 12+ inches of rain in October, they are bad. We will take them up Sat. and work up there for a while.
After Steve got back from kids house, we then took Kiley home and had supper with them. Then watched home video of the kids weekend at Dave's folks. Looked like they had a lot of fun while there. So glad they are really good people and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving with them. Melanie and Dave are hosting it this year. This will be the first year for them, so Melanie said I have to show her how to do everything. That won't be hard, for she is a fast learner and Dave likes to cook too. I am sure he will want to make the desserts.
I'm tired and should be in bed, was there, but restless leg syndrome got me back up. So glad for spell check for, I would have had many mispelled words. lol

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busy busy morning....need recess time...

Well, this morning I headed out and started finishing up the raking and cutting of flowers and leaves. I can't believe the pile we have on our trailer. I am beginning to wonder if Steve will be able to tie this tarp together, or if we will have to put another one on top of it before we take it to the farm.
Time got away from me and now I sit here with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of tea for my lunch, it's after 2 already.
My yellow rose bush, that grew to 6 foot tall, is still blooming. It is so tall it is falling over, so I put my twister ground breaker tool by it to hold it up til it's ready to be cut back. (Not sure what the thing is called for sure) Some of my mums are still pretty and full of flowers so I left them too. Otherwise stuff is done in the flower beds.
Steve and I will have to hit the road early on Sat. to get things done up there and be home cleaned up and heading for Alton by 3:30. But I love early morning get goings, I am a morning person, always have been, probably always will be.
Now I am waiting on sil Dave to get here with the ladder so I can clean leaves out of the gutters that I can reach, then Steve will only have a few to get out.
I run the yard sweep all over the yard again and got it cleaned up, but I looked up at our trees and the ones on the north side of the house have a lot of leaves left on them. I am hoping as they fall to the ground, they fall into the street and blow away. lol
I dug out my little am/fm radio and strapped it on my arm and tuned it to 100.3 in our area. It is Christmas songs all day long, and hardly any interuptions. Love the music.

Thought for the day - maybe a few

I'm a little confused here, I tried to add a picture and it wouldn't let me, then I found it in an open tab at bottom of my screen here. lol I know now I am loosing it, but at least I am loosing it with giggles. I sure am glad Steve is a sound sleeper, or else he'd be out here at 3am seeing what I am laughing at....myself.....
The picture at the left here is what I will look like today, as I don't have little Kiley today. He Dad is off work and he will watch her while Melanie works. I take advantage of doing my cleaning with cleaning supplies while she isn't here, so she doesn't breath those odors.
Yesterday was so pretty here, I almost opened the windows. I will today if it's like that again. Not too many days in November a person can open windows and let the 60's wind blow through.
My attempt to rake the leaves has gone well, but there is still those left on the tree which fell today. When Steve got home, he asked me if I put the leaves back on the yard off the trailer which we picked up, well he picked up, I had them raked in large, very large pile. I laughed with him and said no, but I think the neighbors let us have most of theirs. The wind had blown them from neighboring trees and so I think we have every type of leaf laying around out here.
I might look around and see if there is any really nice ones and put them between two layers of clear contact paper to see if they will stay nice and I can use them for some crafts I am making for Christmas. Will update if that works or not for future reference.
I didn't get any cookies made for the cookie jar, which I had planed on doing, but the tractor seat assembly took a little longer than I planned on spending on it, and it still isn't assembled. lol Can't get the darn bolt to go into the arm hole to affix the arms on it. Steve said they are a b**** to get on anyway. So guess he will get to finish it up.
It's 50* outside right now and the moon is full and bright. Don't even need a flashlight tonight to see where to walk, it looks like dusk out there. Even the crickets are singing in full song tonight, as they enjoy this bout of warm weather.
Steve was telling a friend of his that we had this big hornets nest in our tree over the shed, and the guy wants it to decorate with. We haven't seen much action out of the hornets lately, don't know if they have left or if they are just not building right now. But they aren't swarming around in the tree now. Wonder where they go in the winter? Maybe that is something I can google this winter when I am bored. Add to list to do....
Steve and I watched the movie "17 again", Leslie and I had watched it on Monday. But it is a cute movie and I asked him if he wanted to watch it after supper and he didn't care. So I grabbed my crotchet and we settled in the living room and enjoyed watching it. Then by 9:30, he came through family room and headed to bed. He is tired, Jerry and him spent the day in the field putting on rear wheel assists on combines so the farmers can get into wet fields to get crops out. he said in shop the head company said it takes a whole day to put one on. Jerry and him put 2 on today, one in Winchester and one in Fieldon in the field not in shop. Those 2 work really well together, they hardly ever talk, they just know where the one is on job and hand each other tools they know the other should be needing at times. It's awesome to watch them work. I have had many opportunities to witness them working together and I have learned the technique when Steve and I are working on our tractors and things around house and farm. I can be ready with next tool for him too. Silent communication, it's cool.
So, my day was a good one. Baby Kiley was a good baby, I vacuumed the house, played with her, Leslie played with her, kitty Sassy played with her too. I messed around outside on porch, Leslie helped me put lattace panels up on porch, then made hooks to hand yard chairs on it for storage when not in use. Piddled around trying to put arm rest on seat of 966, didn't get that done but oh well...Raked more leaves away from porch and out of flower bed only to watch them blow and drop back into them. I did get the live forevers pulled out of the rest of the flower beds, they are laying on tarp in front yard for now. Tomorrow I will put them onto pile on trailer. Guess I should head back to bed now, get early start tomorrow and accomplish what I can.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1 2009 Beautiful Sunday

Today I got the 966 seat covered finally. Had a time trying to figure out how to attach the new vinyl to the old seat, but Gorilla glue and industrial strength Velcro seems to have worked for now. Guess we will see how long it lasts. Next purchase will be a new seat and hope it lasts a few years.

I started cleaning out the flower beds. I didn't look forward to it, for I love the look of the flowers in bloom all summer long, but it is time, as the rain last week laid most of the ones blooming on their sides, and the mums are fading too. Steve picked up the big pile of leaves I had raked in the middle of the side yard, then he used the yard sweep on the whole yard, but it got too dark to finish it all. The trailer is piled high with leaves and discarded flower stalks. This will go into our wash out areas on the farm to help keep the soil from washing into creek. I warned Steve that we may have live forevers show up all along the area we are going to spread the leaves on, and he said he didn't mind. Can imagine if the seeds from these float down creek, they will grow up every where, which will be good for they bloom and come back every year thicker. Should make good erosion prevention.

Steve suggested lighting out outdoor fire pit he built and having hot dog roast, sounded good to me, so we did just that. The kids were all here to enjoy it also. Tomorrow I will tackle more of the flower beds, hoping to get them finished.

Cookies I made last week are all gone now, so I plan on making some more tomorrow also. Kiley will be here with us, so inside things will be done first, unless the weather permits and she can be outside with us. She's had some bad days the past few. Last night she stayed with us and didn't want to go to bed, finally at midnight she went to sleep. Slept til after 6. But like all little ones, she has her good days and her bad ones. Mommy was tired and hoping she sleeps tonight for them, when they left. Grandma is tired and hitting the bed early tonight as well.

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