Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tiny Snow Flakes

It's cold here now. Have enjoyed the warm days of temps in the 50's, but today they stayed in the low 30's and the wind made it even colder.
Good thing was that the cold brought with it some tiny snow flakes throughout the day. Every time I had a moment, I bundled up and headed out into the snow mist, just to enjoy seeing it up close and feel it on my face.
Got the big Christmas tree put up in living room and all decorated today. Dave and Kiley come over in the early afternoon and they helped me get it out of attic and put up, fluffed, shaped, and decorated all in just a few hours. Melanie and Steve was working, Leslie was babysitting for a friend, so that left Dave, Kiley and I to just hang out and it was really nice. When the rest got here, we made homemade pizza together and enjoyed sitting around the kitchen table talking and eating. Little Kiley didn't get a nap, so she ate quietly and then was falling asleep. So I washed her and laid her on my bed and she took a late nap.
I had to re-arrange my living room to put the tree up, so that room got cleaned for the month. The cleaning of moving everything out, vacuuming under it, cleaning baseboards and walls, vacuuming the furniture, dusting, the works cleaning.
When the kids got ready to leave, little Kiley didn't want to go home. She cried, and we reminded her she would be back in the morning. She and I have to go get tires put on the blue truck in the afternoon, but I plan on making some cookies in the morning and she will have fun helping me. Well, her help is standing on a chair at the counter watching me and playing with the measuring spoons and cups as I am done with them. While the cookies are baking and the clean up of dishes commence, I will then hunt up the utensils she plays with and return them to kitchen as she finds other things to play with. Life is so fun with a year old grandchild running loose around the house.

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