Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dec. 18 Reverb journey

December 18 – Try What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it?

Try - Oh the wheels in my head are spinning. Try - What do I want to try in 2011? Is this a list question or do I have to pick one thing? Re-read prompt, this can be either/or. Ok, now where do I start???????????????

Did try - let's start with my gardening, enlarge garden, done- it worked great, I was able to keep up with it, keep it clean, nature cooperated, produced well, canned pickles for first time ever, (Note to self-don't try pickles again, 2010's sucked) learned zucchini can be made into pineapple as well as grow over night from a rain shower, so don't wait 4 days to check on produce. One cucumber plant will produce enough cucumbers for a medium size town. Potatoes don't grow in north end of new garden space, nor does green onions. Wind storms blow down sweet corn and farm has more wind than in town where we live. 27 tomato plants were a little too many for I think I turned red and plump from eating so many and canning them into juice and sauces. Green beans produce all summer long, even tho' ya think they are done, just leave them growing and they will re-reproduce and grow again, and again. Nuf said on gardening.

Tried - down sizing, getting rid of some furniture which wasn't needed, yet sat around in house being used, gave some to the kids for their home, only to go out and buy a recliner to put in same room desk was in - note to self, what were you really thinking on downsizing, taking up a little less space with new item? Need to work on getting rid of, and keeping space empty once something is gone, not filling it again.

Tried - taking less Advil for my pain, and resting a little more often to help lessen the reason for pain from overworking disabled body part. I think I am getting fat and lazy from doing this, but I think my guts are in better condition than they were from less pain killers in me.

Tried - helping a little more on farm, found I like and can use hydraulic levers on 706 better than on the 966, so told Steve I am commandeering the 706 for future field work. 2011 will be our 3rd year of farming on our own, without just helping FIL, who passed in 2007, and left us some ground. So it's been a learning experience for me, for I only did errands and now I am physically a part of the physical part of farming and I love it. I need to find me a hat, something me and unique. Just a thought.....

Tried - taking Granddaughter with me to garden, and help me in what ever I do, be it weeding flower beds, working in garden, weeding, picking produce, and planting even. Findings - that I have introduced into her diet, dirt clods, corn cobs, rocks, leafy greens from anything I planted, raw veggies of all sorts, and even a grub worm that she brought to me instead of eating. So in conclusion, I can do this, just need to find her some tools to use and hope she gets out of this eating and putting everything in her mouth stage by 2011 gardening / outside work time.

Will end this here, and prepare for another year of trying and succeeding. I love a challenge.

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  1. Sounds like you tried a lot of new things this year with great success rate! Good for you! Enjoyed reading this post. Had me giggling at times. ;)


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