Friday, December 31, 2010

Remembering 2010's moving moments

Looking back on 2010, it has it's good and bad memories. We've had some great visits with family and friends. Parties were memory makers, and anticipating the ones for the New Year.
We gathered with friends for events over the year, visiting for hours, catching up on what had been happening. Leaving with well wishes for each one, and looking forward to our next visit. We planted new growth in our minds and hearts and gardens, watched the sun rise and set, the seasons change, flowers bloom and trees bud and leaf. We felt the warmth of spring, the heat of summer, the cool of fall, and the cold of winter.
The days passed one behind the other, each day giving us another view of the beauty God created for us to enjoy. We've watched our children grow into adulthood every day, our elders grow older, and our grandchildren grow bigger, stronger, and smarter by the minute.
The joys we have been allowed to witness have come from the grace of God. Without him in our hearts, our lives would be dull and dark.
We have enjoyed the fruits of our labor, the material things our money can buy, and the ability to thrive each day with thoughts and feeling all our own, yet together as family.
One of the things I have so enjoyed this past year, has been my closer talk and walks with God. I have always been a believer, but this last year, I have opened my heart more to the life He has blessed me with, the family he has given me to share, and the friends he has allowed me to meet, either in person or through cyber world. For these things, I am forever thankful for.
Unfortunately, we lost some of our family and friends over the past year, like previous years before. We just never know when ones name will be called to heaven. We lost one as young as a few weeks old in our family, some friends who were just enjoying life in their early 20's, as well as some family and friends who had enjoyed long long lives. Dealing with death seems to change our life forever. Only God knows how our life was suppose to go along the path for us. Too many times we feel cheated and alone after loosing one close to us. We wonder if we can go on.
But life resumes, life goes on, life exists, heart broken, red eyes, and sad faces. Inside we cease to move forward. Until one day, we offer our hearts and sorrow to God, and he lifts the burden we feel so heavily on our shoulders, and shows us the beauty we have put on hold.
So to all my family and friends, may you too, get closer to God and feel the peace he offers beside Him. May your New Year offer you comfort in times of trouble or loss. May you find peace and joy in every day. May you have a new New Year inside you.

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