Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week is gone already

My day was a typical one of those which I planned on getting several things done, only I didn't get anything accomplished at all really.

So Saturday will be a busy catch up day, as little Kiley will be with her mom at home.

Leslie, Kiley and I did get some Christmas shopping done. I think Kiley is done on gifts now. Picked up mostly things for her, as she is the easiest to buy for. I have one thing for each of the kids so far, but now the hunt goes on for the rest of theirs, and that is the hard part. Finding things for the grown up kids now days, and I don't pick the clothes they will wear, so not to many clothes items can be gotten. So the search is on for books, movies, and such that they would like. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. :)

I made bread pudding with some getting old bread Thursday afternoon. Kiley has yet to have tried bread pudding, and she loves it. I wish I had put raisins in it, but as most of the family doesn't do them, I left them out. Next time will add them.

I must have run fever this week and didn't realize it, for my lips are very chapped and cracked open. So annoying and hurts. So I am slathering them with chap stick every few minutes. They are starting to feel like a soft candle. lol

I have gotten the Christmas cards made out and ready to mail. I am really behind on those this year. I usually have them addressed and ready to mail the day after Thanksgiving. I have to fight for the ink pen now days with the little one around, so have put off doing it during the day time, and evenings are spent with Steve and usually the kids a couple times a week. So just haven't gotten it done.

I picked up some movies the other day. Those 2 in 1 kind for $9 at Walmart. I didn't know Tom Selleck had made a series based on Robert D. Parkers - Jesse Stone books. Steve and I started watching them last night. Leslie went out with friends, Dave worked til 7, so Mel took Kiley home and I addressed cards til Steve got home and I fixed supper and we vegged out in front of TV, just the 2 of us.

Saturday morning I have to pick up some 1" x 12"s. Then when Steve gets home at 12:30, he works half day this Saturday, we plan on going Christmas shopping for (if we can) the rest of presents for kids. Then before we head home, we will drive around and see the lights in the area. One of our favorite things to do in December is see the Christmas lights still, at our age. Depends on what time we get home, we will pop in another of the Tom Selleck movies, we have 4 more to watch in the series.

The wood I am picking up is for Dave's present. Steve made a trailer for him to pull behind his lawn mower for yard work and what ever he needs it for. Steve has the frame painted yellow, as Dave's cub cadet rider is the yellow and white one Steve gave him a couple years ago. I am sure Kiley will like riding in it too when it's warmer. Since it's cold and I have to paint it, I will have to paint the boards in the house and then Steve will have to put them on later. If only he had finished it 3 weeks ago when we were having those 60 and 70* temps.

Snowed here on Thursday morning, dusting the ground. WOW did you see news where north western NY got hit with 2 foot of snow, closing I-90. People were stuck in their cars for like 20 hours+. Seems like the pattern from last year is a little more northern this year. Last year this time Iowa was hit bad with inches and inches of snow. Steve was in a Kinze class up there, and they ended up closing the school, cancelling class and they were stranded 3 days there til roads were opened. He ended up taking the course online when he got home. No school this year tho.

Well, talked your ear off, or your eyes out, gotta head to bed sometime tonight. Take care.

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