Thursday, December 16, 2010

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I took this first picture for future blackmailing purposes. Even grandchildren need to be reminded one day of certain antics they pulled as youngsters. Keeps them from being too overly spoilt.

I had put a hair bow in her hair, and she took it out as soon as my hand was down. I took it away from her and she started crying like a heart broken teenager. I tried to explain to her how pretty she would look if she left it in her hair, but she wasn't buying that, she only wanted it back to play with.

Aunt Leslie to the rescue, she came out of her room to see why Kiley was crying, and she held her while I put the bow back in her hair. This bow has special memories for me, for both my girls wore it in their hair when they were babies, and now our granddaughter gets to wear it in hers, well, when she sees fit to leave it there, which is for pictures only, and they better be taken fast, or it's gone.

So this picture was taken while Aunt Leslie held and told her how pretty she was and that Grandma was a mean ole grandma. Of course Kiley being Kiley just smiled at that.

Note that spoilt little sparkle in her eye when Aunt Leslie tells her such things.

So as Kiley reaches that "payback" time of her life, this picture will be among those embarrassing photo's to pull out, by either her parents or us.

I have always told my girls when they said things like, Mom your crazy, that they made me this way, so they have to live with the results. Don't you just love motherhood...........or parenthood for that matter.

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  1. How adorable!!! Cute post. Love your storytelling.


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