Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at our House

Christmas day 2010

It snowed all day Christmas eve, so we had a white Christmas, making our day complete.

We so enjoyed watching Kiley open presents, for she would get so excited seeing what was inside the boxes and wrapping paper.

She couldn't wait to get into her little recliner we got her. She climbed inside before her Dad and I could get it out of the box. Of course we had saved this one for last. We got it out of the box and she got in it and proceeded to watch TV just like a big girl.

Dave got a miniature Christmas town among his gifts. He had been wanting one for a couple years. His last gift was waiting out in the shed. He thought he was getting something hidden in shed for Steve. The smile on his face was just priceless as he spotted the white and yellow trailer sitting there. It is painted to match his cub cadet lawn mower. He was very pleased to get it.

Melanie wanted a quesida (spelling) maker, which she got, along with family picture frames from her request list. These among the other gifts she got, she loved everything.
We have on order a new kitchen table and chairs for her and Dave, but awaiting the call when they get to store to pick up. They are thrilled.

Leslie got a car stero, among her presents. She said it wasn't the one she had picked out, but this one was better, so she was very very happy she will now be able to listen to her CD's again.

She also got a nail salon kit and even sat little Kiley down and painted her nails for her. Now I can see them every other day or so, primping each others nails. Oh what was I thinking. But Aunt Leslie just loves playing dress up and with her little niece.

Steve and I got our surprises too. Every gift was from the heart of our kids and each other. There were things for just us, and then things for sharing with the whole family.

Surely this is another one of those bestest Christmas' ever memories.

Oh, and there is nothing like having an air compressor running in my kitchen, just to make sure it works. Oh well, I have always said my house is our home.

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