Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve present opening for Kiley

Christmas eve we went over to Melanie and Dave's to watch Kiley open her presents at her house.

Christmas day she will open presents at our house with all of us celebrating the day together.

First picture is of the kids Christmas tree. Kiley was a good little trooper, she got into it a few times, but they were able to get her attention diverted and she would stay out of it.

Kiley got some new shoes. Little patent leather ones to wear with her little dresses and skirt outfits. She walked around looking down at her feet after Mommy put them on her.

She loves to model her outfits already, and look pretty. She's even went into the bathroom to look at herself in the full length mirror.

Makes me wonder what her teen years will be like with her preening now.

She got books too as part of her presents. She loves her books, and wants to learn the pictures in them so she can turn to a page and find anything you ask her to find, after only a couple times being told what she is seeing.

Sometimes her smartness scares me. I fear she will get bored in school with her ease of learning.

Guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Years from now....

She, of course eewwed and aahhuuued over her new clothes.

She got baby dolls and stuffed animals which laugh and / or make some sort of noises.

She got a new toy box for her toys.

Steve and I also bought her a princess play house, bedroom outfit with matching curtains and bedding, she got them early. Her little bedroom looks great, and she spends hours in there playing. Now she has to come to our house and get more stuff to take home with her. Won't her parents be proud of us when they take it home and have to find a place for everything.

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