Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fall Clean-up

I'm beginning to think we will never be done cleaning up the leaves from our home yard.
They have all fallen off our trees, but the neighborhood leaves seem to blow into ours. I think Oak trees are the very last to loose their leaves, and the neighbors tree is really big and beautifully filled out, so their leaves are all over us too. Our neighbor said yesterday that she has raked over 40 bags of those leaves, and the tree still have millions of leaves on it. We have hauled them to farm and put them in our washout areas, and took 5 more up yesterday with ours.
Morning was attending a family friend funeral.
The day was chilly warm, if that makes since. Flannel shirt over tee was only needed. We unloaded wood from truck, moved tractors around in shed making room for mowers with snow blades to be readily available for use when needed this winter. Log splitter also in front for splitting wood, which we still have some on trailer needing split. Rain stopped the progress of getting that done.
We then used the yard sweep to clean the yard, then hauled leaves to farm. We have had over 3 inches of rain here this week, so actually, we went mudding when we got to the farm. Now Steve has his truck to wash. Then when it dries he will have to level the ruts he cut going to the back where we put the leaves. Never ending jobs created everyday.
We are to have another beautiful chilly warm day today, so we plan on being outside working again. Hope to get my flower bulbs dug and put in basement for winter. Ground is real wet yet, may have to wipe mud off them the way it looks.
Spent the evening watching a Christmas movie. I have read the book, and after watching the movie, I liked the book version better.

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